How do you know your angels and guides are nearby?  Read on….


“Thank you for the wonderful reading. It touched me very much and gave me [so much] insight!  There were so many things I was able to identify….”  – H.R.

“…I got that promotion as you predicted…please send lottery numbers!  LOL!” – M.K.

-Why are you going through what you’re going through?

-Why are some things harder than others?

-Why do you keep experiencing the same crap over and over?

-What’s your purpose is in this life – and how can you make it happen?

Living your best life can be super-tough.   The good news is, there are tools from the Other Side available to you to clear up problems and confusion, and make the journey easier.  It doesn’t have to be this hard!

Intuitive information is specifically meant to provide a completely different way of handling change or challenges; it can give you a new perspective, and most importantly, a new direction.  It can help you discover your path and get you back on it.

I’d love to provide an intuitive strategy to light your way — and the tools to make things flow much easier.  

Contact me at and let’s talk about how to super-charge your life.


“Thank you again for the excellent reading last night – I can’t tell you how clear and true it was.  I’ve had my cards read a few times… but the difference is incomparable.  Truly, you delivered everything I’ve always known that the cards and a perceptive reader COULD, but have never found.  … it gave me a little bit of peace of mind that I haven’t had in a long, long time.  Incidently, I heard from X within 2 hours of talking to you…Thank you again, I look forward to speaking with you again soon.”    – C.B.

 “…you helped me on so many levels!”  – K.S



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