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7 Things About Your Crap Situation

Very often, when someone comes to me for a reading, they sit down and proceed to dump a whole lot of crap. I mean, a WHOLE lot. That’s OK – I get it and I understand that they need to

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Lessons from Lily Dale

I recently stumbled across an article about the spiritual community of Lily Dale in upstate New York. It brought back a bunch of memories about a trip that I took there a few years back, which I feel like revisiting.

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Kiss 2016 “Buh-Bye”; How to Prep for 2017

If you hadn’t yet noticed, 2016 has been one of the suckiest years on record. At every level, it has been awful, with a capital “awf.” All those celebrity deaths….international tragedies…the political nastiness. I want to take a shower, just

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Bowie, Frey…What to Do When It All Falls Apart

“What in holy hell is going on?!” I wrote this on Facebook yesterday after hearing of the death of Eagle’s guitarist Glenn Frey (always one of my faves). Because, really, the last 2 or 3 weeks have been awful. Natalie

2016: Endings Are the New Beginnings

Happy 2016! Don’t know about you, but man, I couldn’t wait to see the hind end of 2015 as it got the hell outta here. As the saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split

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A Psychic’s Take on Halloween

Ah, Halloween. Even these (many) years after trick-or-treating, I still remember how cool that night felt. Racing out the door after dinner, meeting your friends on the neighborhood streets that were lit only by streetlights (who DOES that anymore?), and of

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How to Raise Your Vibration – and Why You Should

The Beach Boys sang about it – and so did a pre-“serious actor” Marky Mark. I’m talking about “good vibrations.” “Vibrations”, as in a higher energy. “Good”, as in, well, good. Working effectively with any metaphysical practice (like Tarot), or

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3 Things To Know About A Psychic Reading

I was at a Labor Day barbecue yesterday, and met up with an old semi-acquaintance. It had been years since we’d seen each other, and during our catch up, my work as a psychic came up. Apparently, she didn’t know

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What “The Godfather” Can Teach You About Spirituality

I am a huge – HUUUUUGE– fan of “The Godfather” movies (1 and 2, at least – 3, not so much. Seriously, that one sucked). The other day, I was watching a documentary on the making of the film and

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Spirit Guides and Angels: A Cheat Sheet

A new client was here the other day.  During the reading, I picked up some pretty specific information about one of her spirit guides, but when I relayed it, she admitted that she was a little confused about “guides” versus

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