“Thank you for the amazing reading…I can’t wait to have another session with you!  Funny story:  you mentioned more money several different times during the reading, and [that it] is coming soon.  An hour after I left , my husband sent me a text message that he just got a bonus at work.  You have such a beautiful blessing/talent!” – L.D. 

To arrange a private session at my office here in northern NJ, or to set up a convenient phone/Skype reading, please contact me at (201) 476-0160. Or email thesensiblepsychic@gmail.com.

My rates are as follows:

30 mins/$80    45 mins/$115      60 mins/$155

For a 30-Minute phone session, pay here:

For a 45-Minute phone session, pay here:

For an hour-long phone session, pay here:

*NOTE:  For an Animal Communication Session, I only do 30 minutes (that’s all they need, ’cause they’re so direct; if there are two or more animals, contact me via email and I’ll let you know if you should go longer).  Also, for Animal sessions, I ask that you email me a photo of the critter(s).  That helps me better focus in.  Thanks!

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