Space Clearing

Homes and offices hold onto the energy of the occupants. So much goes on in these spaces: happy moments, sad ones, illness, fights, regret…These energies are powerful and can hang around for a looooong time. When you walk into someone’s home or apartment, you can usually sense if it feels good or … slightly weird.


Heavy energies can affect your emotional and physical health, and those effects can compound over time.


“Space Clearing” can do a lot to reset your space to “original factory condition.” It’s like a spiritual spring cleaning, breaking up the negative energies and giving your space (and you) a fresh start.


In a Space Clearing, I use my natural intuition to walk a space. Then I turn to traditional tools and methods to break up any bad vibes and give it a fresh feel. Kinda like a shot of Spiritual Febreeze.


If your space could use a little “scrubbing,” let me know if I can help.