[Please know that I do a ton of readings via phone, Zoom, and Skype; it doesn’t change the quality of the session at all and may be more convenient for you.]


“Alex is much happier [after our reading]. He’s such a sweetheart. Thank you for bringing my ‘sweet baby boy’ back!” – B.L.


“Thank you for an amazing reading for Montana and Dakota…Before I left home that day of the appt, I had asked the pups to share any messages that they felt were important to have passed along to me during the session. They were waiting at the front door all excited when I returned home as if they were asking, “Did you get our messages?”  Yes, I did thanks to you, Cindy!” – E.W.


“I was grieving the loss of my beloved pet, one of our mutual friends said ‘why don’t you have Cindy read for you.’ I wasn’t sure what she meant. She said ‘Cindy reads energies,’ I never referred to it as ‘energies,’ before I just would say ‘psychic readings.’ And I thought it was impossible to read animals because what could you possibly say, ‘Your cat liked catnip?’ Your dog liked Milkbones?’ Duh.  I said to myself if I hear things like that I’m hanging up. Lol. Well, after you did the reading of DK …, telling me things you couldn’t have possibly known like how they died, and the painting I had done of him, which I hung up high above all the other paintings on the wall and the fact that I say goodnight to it every night and ask him to watch over my other babies.. you would’ve had to have been in the room with me to know those things and clearly you weren’t since we live a distance from each other. At that point I was sold! Hence why I’ve continued to have several readings with you over the years! Love your talent and it has helped in so many ways! Given me clarity on several occasions! ” – K. C.


“…thank you for the last session. Dixie is doing much better!”  – J.W.


“…You are very accurate…”  -A.F.


“Thank you for the wonderful reading you did for [my dog] Missy…” – R.S.


[While I don’t work with lost pets, I did get this lovely note from an animal rescuer who was concerned about a stray missing from her area. I had picked up that he was safe and cared-for]  “I found….the missing cat I’ve been looking for for a year…IT WAS EXACTLY AS YOU PREDICTED! He is with a lady and her daughter with two other cats. Just what you told me! OMG!!” – N.C.


“…thank you so very much.  [Your reading] helped a lot with my grief…”  – K.S.



I’m a huge animal lover  (the two pictured were my sweet ferals, Mabel and Pepper – but there are a few more inside, too) and one of my most favorite things to do is to connect with them psychically.   Reading an animal is similar to a “people” reading, in that I pick up their emotions, images, etc. but I have to convert it to our language. It’s like speaking French – really, really fast.


I studied this wonderful method with Penelope Smith, who’s one of the top Animal Communicators in the world.  Working with her and the critters who lent their “services” was a profound experience.  I came to realize that animals are, in many ways, superior to us humans.  Think about it: they are endlessly forgiving, love us unconditionally and hold no judgements (well, except for a few cats I have known!).  How many people do you know like that?


Reading an animal who is still here can help build understanding between it and their owners; it can help you understand some behavior problems or why they’re acting a certain way.  Of course, I strongly urge you to check with your vet on everything first, just to rule out any underlying health problems.  But once they’re all checked out, I can connect with them and give you some new ways to interact with your fur baby.



Many clients come to me to connect with a beloved pet who’s passed on.  Ironically, I get more tears at one of those sessions than I do for one where I reach a human spirit!  It’s totally understandable:  our pets reach our hearts quickly and permanently, don’t they?   And hearing from them again brings enormous comfort.


On that note, my new book, “Your Pet Has Died.  Now What?”  may provide insights and comfort after your fur-kid has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with me about [my horse.] I have been  so concerned about how to help her and the information you provided has served  to calm my anxiety…” -P.H.


I just wanted to thank you again for connecting me with my baby [a dog who just passed]. You have a truly wonderful gift…!” -L.M.


“Thanks so much for your help….my sister will be calling for a reading for her dog, too!” — R.S.


“You really helped me with my dog.  Thanks so much!”  S.P.


“Thank you for your amazing evaluation of my relationship with [my dog] Sonny…”  L.A.


“I wanted to thank you so much for your help with Alex.  I’ve seen SO MUCH of a change in his behavior.  The last few nights Alex has slept on my lap, and this particular characteristic has come to mean so much to me.  I really treasure when he comes to me to seek more attention.  He’s really turned into a HUGE CHARMER that I really look forward to spending time with.  He just came over to sit on my lap to purr.  This means so much to me. What a gift you’ve been!” -B.L.




If you have any questions about Animal Communication or would like to make an appointment (either in person or via phone) feel free to reach out at  (201) 476-0160 or thesensiblepsychic@gmail.com.

****PLEASE KNOW:  I DON’T WORK ON FINDING LOST PETS.  I’m sorry.  My tips: flyers.  Lots of flyers — and hand them out to your mailman and UPS/Fed Ex guys.  They’re the “eyes” of your neighborhood. Social media is also a huge help: when one of my cats did a “door dash,” someone saw my post and led me to him.  For missing cats:  put some of their used litter at the corners of your property or some of your own dirty socks.  Cats have powerful sniffers, and it may help them find their way back (cats tend not to go too far from home….so check nearby sheds, garages, etc.  Check them twice!  I once found two kittens who’d gone missing, in a garage next door that had already been checked…)