“FIVE STARS.  This is a must-read for all pet lovers. It’s a comforting guide to let grieving pet parents know that it’s o.k. to miss your pet. The author shares personal stories that help validate feelings of loss, and her experience as an animal communicator adds a wonderful dimension. You’ll want to read it over and over again.” -L.G.

“There is a reason that Cindy is the ‘Sensible Psychic’ – and this book is more proof of how sensible she is!! Every chapter is very specific and to the point in help you or a loved one understand and get through the passing of a beloved pet. Cindy’s writing is clear, practical and sometimes humorous, which helps us to feel comforted and to know that we are not alone. She shares her own experiences and the experiences of others which helps draw the reader in and to know that this too shall pass. I will definitely purchase copies of this book for friends and family when the time comes for them to also grieve the loss of a loved pet. Bravo Cindy! – S. C

“Thank you so much for this…I ordered copies for my friends and family. [The book’s] verisimilitude is beyond challenge and criticism.” -C.S.

“…I read your book, which really hit home with me, as you seemed to cover a lot of what I’ve been feeling and thinking…”  – T.D.

“Cindy Grogan does a superb job covering all the bases of this very emotional event in the lives of all pet lovers. Not only does she write respectfully as she covers the subject, but her well-placed humor saves the day each time you feel your eyes get teary thinking about a pet from your past who’s now on the other side. And as she writes philosophically about our beloved four-legged friends, you realize that much of her wisdom can also be applied when it comes to the two-legged beings in our lives.” – N.D.

“…takes an exceptionally sad event and addresses it with humor and respect. I could relate to her personal anecdotes and it brought me comfort thinking about my furry family member I lost several years ago. I bought two extra copies to give to friends who recently lost their pets.”-K.G.

“Thank you for being the friend who knew what to say and how to help. A tender, insightful and direct answer to so many questions.” S.D.

“Just wanted to say your book…has been helping me through this terrible time with my baby [dying of cancer]…I read a few chapters over and over every other night to get myself to feel better about this…” K.C.

Losing a pet has got to be one of the worst things ever.  Besides being an emotional rollercoaster, animal lovers have so many questions:  “Did I do enough?”  “Why did they leave when they did?”  “Should I have done more?”  “Are they OK with me getting a new pet?”

In my work doing Animal Communication readings, I’ve gotten answers to these — and many more — questions.  My new book offers healing insights into the grief process around the loss of a pet.  I hope it will prove to be a source of comfort for all of those who’ve lost a beloved fur-kid. Because I know how awful that experience is….

My book is available in paperback, and for Kindle.