OK So You'reDeadCover

“…Your book simply explains the greatest mystery known to mankind in words that anyone can understand. I somehow felt a sense of peace after reading it. I can not wait to try the meditation technique that you suggested at the end. You also have a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing these words with me.”

[Available in paperback, for Kindle and for Nook.]

Over the years, I’ve been asked the same questions about what happens when we cross over.  Where do we go exactly?  What does dying feel like?  Who are we with on the Other Side?  Are my loved ones OK now?

Those are just a few.  I bet you have some of your own, right?

I wrote my book, OK, So You’re Dead: A Sassy Guide to the Afterlife to share what I’ve learned and experienced in my 30 years as a psychic-medium.  The approach is warm and light-hearted, as I’ve found this provides the most comfort for the clients I’ve dealt with.  I’ve gotten some terrific reviews so far.  Here’s what some folks have said:

-“FIVE STARS.  Couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. It’s everything you wanted to know about what has happened to those who have passed on. Seriously informative with lots of humor. Loved, loved, loved it!”

-“I bought your book yesterday and finished today. What an excellent read! These last few years I’ve been trying to make sense of a lot of things, but after reading your book, I feel so much better and assured.  Thank you so much for your work.”

[Available in paperback, for Kindle and for Nook.]

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book!! It was such an enjoyable and easy read….I loved your sense of humor. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

-“I love this book! I’ve been psychic since I can remember, and spent years as a practicing professional doing readings. Cindy’s book cuts through all the gobbledy-gook one often finds in books of an esoteric nature (and believe me, I’ve read tons of them), and gets right to the heart of the matter with humor, accessibility and accuracy. If you want to know what “the other side” is all about from the perspective of one who really knows the terrain, I highly recommend this book.”

-“This was a real surprise, as I was led through all the questions that each and everyone of us have had, whether we have verbalized them or not. The answers Ms. Grogan gave to these questions were realistic and understandable and most of all written in a way to take the “mystery” or fear out of losing a loved one. Her sense of humor was welcome! This should appeal to everyone, young and old.”

Death is such a game-changer.  It’s one of those experiences that touches all of us, but impacts each one differently.  It’s my hope that the book will bring comfort, alleviate fear and give you a new perspective on this amazing journey.

It’s available in paperback, for Kindle and for Nook.