Readings are by appointment only, via phone, Zoom, or  in person.

Questions?  Call me at (201) 476-0160 or email:

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: I’m happy to read you via phone, Zoom. or Skype.  My booking widget doesn’t “allow” for international phone numbers to be input, so simply CONTACT ME via email at

We’ll set up a convenient time based on our different time zones, I’ll call/Skype/Zoom you and input your credit card number directly into PayPal.

Tarot, Numerology, Crystals, Past-Life Readings, Animal Communication…and so much more!

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“Thank you for the amazing reading…I can’t wait to have another session with you!  Funny story:  you mentioned more money several different times during the reading, and [that it] is coming soon.  An hour after I left, my husband sent me a text message that he just got a bonus at work.  You have such a beautiful blessing/talent!” – L.D. 

*NOTE:  For an Animal Communication Session, I only do 30-45 minutes (that’s all they need, ’cause they’re so direct; if there are two or more animals, contact me via email and I’ll let you know if you should go longer).  Also, for Animal sessions, I ask that you email me a photo of the critter(s).  That helps me better focus.  Thanks!

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