What My Clients Say…

“You are a joy, a comfort, and a blessing…” -E.W.

“Wanted to tell you how on point your last reading was. You told me I would find a house by owner and there wouldn’t be realtors involved. I would hear about it through a friend of a neighbor and the owner would be an older lady who passed. The family would live out of state and I would have to find them. There would also be some familiar connection to my past regarding the property. Well…a very good friend of mine called me and said her neighbor asked her if she knew anyone interested in a house because another neighbor had recently passed away. I jumped on it, googled the name and found the son. When we spoke, he said that I could come look at the house that weekend and asked for my full name and number. Once I told him my last name, he said are you related to XXX? I said yes… He couldn’t believe it. His parents were very good friends with my aunt and uncle and go back 60 years. They knew my dad too It was incredible- Long story short, you were right about it all. I’m moving quickly and we agreed to a price. Hoping to close end of April. House needs work but I can live there (also like you mentioned)…Thank you as always for your gift – I truly appreciate our readings/visits.” – D.W.


“I have been a client of Cindy’s for over 20 years…My first reading was beyond amazing. She hit on things in my life that I was acutely aware of, but hadn’t figured out yet…I will say that she is an extremely intelligent, empathetic person…My initial reading with her was in 1999. I had made some severe changes in my life and was at a huge crossroad. Cindy not only helped me understand my past, she helped me direct my future.  I continue to recommend her to all people in my life, looking for a better understanding of themselves. I will also admit, I’m probably not her usual client. I’m an Alpha male and have worked in very high speed, low drag occupations. Cindy is as good as they come. I highly recommend her to do a reading for you. She has never once been “off” about anything she has told me. She also got me through the deaths of BOTH my parents in the last 10 years. My wife has also had great success with her. Please  give yourself the gift of a reading from her. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!” – B.T.


“When your head swirls with the ‘what if’s, you bring order to the chaos. Your vision provides practical insight into the things that may lie ahead. Your gift puts a calm context around the fears…Your guidance makes the process check our ‘angst’ at the door …Cindy, you rock! – B.B.


“Thank you for an amazing reading for Montana and Dakota…Before I left home that day of the appt, I had asked the pups to share any messages that they felt were important to have passed along to me during the session. They were waiting at the front door all excited when I returned home as if they were asking, “Did you get our messages?”  Yes, I did thanks to you, Cindy!” – E.W.


You are the REAL DEAL!” – G.H.

“Thank you, Cindy…that was most helpful…” – P. V.


“You did a reading to help me with my sister…since she has no money left, needs a place to move to and I’ve tapped out my savings….You told me to stay open and that other avenues would open up.  A few [weeks later] and completely out of the blue, this woman, D from [XX agency] called me and said she would help.  Here’s the best part: she took on my sister’s case for FREE! …I feel like D is a gua rdian Angel.  Thanks, Cindy for that great reading! It really helped me to change my perspective…” – K. S.


“You really picked up on what I’m going through — and sorted it out for me.” – B.W.


“You’re awesome!!  A true gifted individual.”D.W.


“Wow….you were right on the money!….”  -B.H.


“Wow!  What a reading!….we are still flying high!  You are a miracle!”  – N.G.


“…You were right AGAIN…” – B.T.


“…you were spot on!” – B.B.


“Cindy is FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! I had a reading with her that was VERY FREEING & UPLIFTING! She told me MANY beneficial things that helped me emerge from my ‘grief fog!’ I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that if you are OVERWHELMED with ANYTHING, book with Cindy & get FREE & RISE!! THANKS, A MILLION, great lady! ” -L.S.


“I just wanted to give you an update on another thing you were right about.  …at the time of the reading you said that a man(and you gave that as a definite gender) would be helpful with finances and I thought, “Interesting as I’m working with all women.” Long story short, this past Thursday a “Mr. XX” called and approved (things).  I could have hugged him. …Thanks again Cindy for an amazing reading.” K.S. 


“I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for my husband and me. You were spot on about so many things we hadn’t told you about ourselves. My husband was particularly impressed…You did more for him … then I’ve been able to do in 20 years.”  – L.W.


 “Just wanted to let you know that the little boy on the Other Side whom you mentioned has taken a shine to me appears to be my great-uncle who was killed by a collision with a train at around 10 years old.  Mum was able to verify it for me….spot on!”  -K. W. (Scotland)


I just wanted to thank you again for connecting me with my baby [her dog who just passed]. You have a truly wonderful gift…!” -L.M.


“….You were so right about everything.  It’s amazing, you are truly blessed with a talent…”J.R.


“…Wow!  You were right on the money….something was definitely with you [during our session]…You are truly blessed!” – M.F.


“…your predictions have been uncanny…you had told my sister our father would send her a sign at her 50th birthday party; as she blew out the candles, the smoke alarm in the restaurant went off…”  -N.W.


“Thanks again for the reading….you’re amazing…!” – J.P.


“…You helped me more than I can ever express in words….” – C.B.


“Thank you for the wonderful reading. It touched me very much and gave me [so much] insight!  There were so many things I was able to identify….”  – H.R.


“I feel so uplifted…you rock!” – J.R.


“…I got that promotion as you predicted…please send lottery numbers!  LOL!” – M.K.


“Thanks again for the reading….you’re amazing…!” – J.P.


“What a marvelous psychic [Cindy] is!  Her insights, warmth and humor were exactly what I needed.  She was spot on with everything… confirming what had already happened, my general thoughts on how to approach certain situations and gave me direction and clarity over other things. Being a professional psychic myself, I knew she’d be bloody good.  I just didn’t know HOW good. Cindy really is the psychic for all psychics!  She’s also your go-to psychic for anyone… Go see her or phone her.  She is terribly sensible.  And delightfully wicked.  Everything you want in a psychic.” -J.R.  (Australia)


“You predicted earlier this year that I would meet someone and “zero in” on her in the October/November time frame.  This prediction came true…You had even said she is a ‘humanitarian type of person’ – this is true.  So far, it’s going really well. You also said that in October I would be asked to work on a new project – yes, this came true. You mentioned someone would be leaving our group in the fall and that there would be a re-shuffling of people in my department.  This was true:  in September, one of the supervisors announced she was leaving, and another guy in our department got promoted to her spot.  I thought you’d enjoy knowing these things came true…” -S.S.


“Thank you so much for today!  I was so moved, and felt so healed afterward.” – A.G.


“Fantastic reading!  Worth every penny…and more!” – M.V.


“Uplifting and wonderful experience!  Cindy has such a wonderful gift in not only connecting with spirit but also giving the session purpose and meaning. She has been a wonderful resource in helping to guide me through life’s obstacles in a positive and thoughtful way. This has made my personal journey easier. She infuses light when I need it the most.  FIVE STARS”  – S.F.


“Thank you for the amazing reading…I can’t wait to have another session with you!  Funny story:  you mentioned more money several different times during the reading, and [that it] is coming soon.  An hour after I left, my husband sent me a text message that he just got a bonus at work.  You have such a beautiful blessing/talent!” – L.D. 


“Thank you!  I feel great and energized!  Much appreciated.”  – M.C.


“…You rock at your craft….another prediction came true!”  – D.R.


“Your talents are off the charts!” – J.G.


“…you helped me on so many levels.”  K.S.


“…your prediction of [my husband] setting off on a more independent pathway with his business and bringing on a new partner with a name that starts with M was spot on!”  A.F.


“…We had a session in March of this year. During (it), I mentioned that I had a son who was a drug addict, who had a chance to go to Houston with a friend and a promised job there. You basically said that “it will be a good move for him, but with challenges.” He did get the job, but it was delayed (which you also mentioned)… but he got it and is doing well. He is drug-free and has not missed a day of work… You also mentioned that I would receive a “surprise” opportunity to sell or market my books in August. The way that played out: I have a client who was an NYT bestseller for decades. In August, I received a manuscript from him, with an offer to place an ad in the back for one of my books. He sells a lot of books, and this offer came out of the blue. I took him up on it of course, and now all of his readers will see my book with links to Amazon. Just thought you might like hearing this!”  D.L.


“During my period of not being employed, I had a few readings with Cindy and every time she was consistent in what she was telling me.  What I found to be the most important thing during these readings was that she reinforced me to stay positive and that things are going to get better in the near future.    Every time I would get depressed I kept going back to what she had told me.   Now after a few months, Cindy was right and I am starting a new job and my outlook is looking great.  I can’t thank her enough for being so caring and truthful.   Cindy is a Godsend.” – A.B.


“Cindy hit on everything that I wanted to know about. I felt like I was speaking with someone I’d known for years, she made me feel very comfortable. Next time I will opt for a longer reading to touch on more issues.  FIVE STARS” -J.A.


“Thank you for the wonderful reading. It touched me very much and gave me [so much] insight!  There were so many things I was able to identify….”  – H.R.


“…[the reading] was awesome….and you are amazing…” – D.L.


“Oh thank you so much! You’re such a blessing to me!! I’m so serious when I say that your reading and help is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. With the information you gave me, the good,( and the hard to hear), the self/soul searching and the career opportunities that can be ahead have lit the spark in me again. I know that I have a lot of hard life-changing decisions to make but you have no idea how much encouragement you’ve just given me. Thank you, Thank you, from my heart. ”  A.S. 


“…the connection was amazing!…”  A.C.


“…You are quite special and your talents are off the charts.  I have listened to our reading several times…and it has really guided me and gotten me through some tough times.  It kept me focused. And your timelines were incredibly on target…”  J.G.  


“…When I told [my husband] after I got off the phone with you yesterday, he just couldn’t believe it — he absolutely could not believe it! Because he knew you were right on the money, too. He actually started to cry because he knew you knew what you were talking about, and he saw how happy and cheerful it made me…”   K.C.


“…thank you again for the reading the other day. I always feel so much better after I see you. You’re a lifesaver!”   J.G.


“I look forward to talking to Cindy on each session. She helps me to sort out where I am and where I should be going. She is a friend in that I seek her wisdom and guidance. So far, my path has been illuminated and a breeze to walk through with her assistance. I look forward to the next time we speak again…”  L.J.


“Your reading was very helpful…[and] gave me the emotional strength to really move forward.”  D.R.


“….my friend raved about her reading with you.  I’m booking mine this week….”  M.G.  


“…your reading about my mom was right on! I actually was just telling a co-worker/friend about [it] and we both started crying…Your reading touched on so many valid points…how difficult and intense it was having her home those last months…and so many other things you mentioned….gave me goosebumps. I need more!” G.G.


“Thank you again for the excellent reading last night – I can’t tell you how clear and true it was.  I’ve had my cards read a few times… but the difference is incomparable.  Truly, you delivered everything I’ve always known that the cards and a perceptive reader COULD, but have never found.  … it gave me a little bit of peace of mind that I haven’t had in a long, long time.  Incidentally, I heard from X within 2 hours of talking to you…Thank you again, I look forward to speaking with you again soon.”    – C.B.


“[You] told me a couple with a small child would buy my house and you could see the month of ‘May’. Well, yesterday I signed the papers – a couple with a little 4-year-old boy bought the house! We close by May 18 and moving day is May 24! WOW!!! Just as you said. ” S.C. 


“You were totally right [about my new relationship], down to the details about his awesome kids and the friendship that we had all along.  I’ve been with him for a very, very happy year and counting….”  C.B.


“You really know your stuff!”   D.R.


“Our session was super helpful, for me, there really was nowhere to turn, I so needed the divine guidance that you were able to give me. Truly it gives me strength, support and the courage to push my fears aside…Thank you for sharing your wisdom and caring.”  S.F.