Did you know that you have a whole team of “super-beings” just waiting to make your life super-better?  They’re Angels, and there’s nothing they don’t want to help you with — whether it’s a relationship, your bank account, even finding a parking space!

With that kind of power available to you, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

I’ve assembled some of my favorite tips, tricks and techniques for connecting with your personal angelic helpers in Your Bad-Ass Guide to Working with The Angels.  Among them….

-What angel can help you most with money worries?  And what EXACTLY should you say to them?

-How can you call on the angels to protect a loved one (even a pet, or yourself) in a worrisome situation?

-The magical steps to “inviting them” into your home — and how it can shift everything for the better

-How can you easily determine when your angel requests have been “heard”?

These are just a few of things you’ll learn. Let my Angel Guide light your way into a new and better life!

PS — If you have any issues downloading the guide, contact me immediately at thesensiblepsychic@gmail.com.