So I had a new client today. During my usual pre-reading process of “organizing,” I asked him what his issues were. The first thing out of his mouth?

“My brother is a sociopathic a**hole.”

OK, then!

Sadly, he’s not the first person I’ve read who have folks in their life who are major, psycho-level, pains-in-the-you know-what. It might be a sibling, a co-worker, a boss, an in-law. Whoever they are, they are as annoying as a piece of gum on your shoe or popcorn stuck in your teeth…

And you’re sort of stuck with them. So how can you deal with these super-annoying types (short of moving out of state, never doing another family gathering…or shooting them – kidding!).

There are certain people who are not easy to get rid of. So here are some useful tips that fall under “triage” – meaning, they’ll help you keep it together.

First: ask Archangel Michael to stand guard. He is awesome at giving you some cover for both the situations and people who make you want to lose your tiny mind. His big sword (with a blue flame) is great at cutting away all that does not serve you. Additionally, any time you need to deal with that person, ask Michael to stand between you and the person who makes you want to ram your head into the wall.

Second: one of my favorite tricks for keeping someone’s janky energy from impacting you is water. One of my friends had a neighbor who drove her nuts. I suggested filling a few Mason jars with water and placing them on the property line (you can also do this in a condo or apartment where a common wall is shared). Water is a traditional “Wiccan” solution for keeping bad stuff from crossing; the result? 1) The neighbor dialed down her annoying behavior, and, not too long after, 2) she moved!   You can also use this trick in a meeting, by placing either a glass or bottle of water between you and whoever is a particular pain. Afterwards, pour that water down a storm drain, anywhere other than the plumbing in your home or office. You want it OUT.

A variation on the water trick is writing that person’s name on a slip of paper, then putting it in the freezer.

I’m serious. It’s a harmless yet effective way to keep these folks from impacting us. I’ve had many people in my life successfully use this technique. Try it!

Third: Wear black. I tell my female clients to wear a black bra; male clients can wear a black tee-shirt. But socks or underpants (for both sexes) also works. Black is “bullet-proof.”   Next time you have to deal with someone difficult, add anything black to the wardrobe. Think of it like your armor.

The other thing I want to emphasize is this: difficult people are in your life for a reason (yeah, I know – not what you want to hear).   Stuff that shows up that’s loud, obnoxious and annoying – and just won’t go away – is meant to teach us something. Maybe it’s Patience…Empathy…Understanding…Whatever.

This doesn’t mean you’re meant to become Maria Von Trapp. It’s a process. But just know that the people who give you a massive case of teeth-grinding TMJ do serve a crazy kind of purpose for making you smarter, stronger, freer in the long run. See them as a ticket to becoming less stressed.

I’m serious

So have a good, long look at those folks and say it loud and proud, “Yup, bitches – you are my ticket to the next level of the game. And I am leaving your sorry a** behind.”

I know how hard it can be (trust me); so if you’re struggling, reach out and let me help sort out your tough situation. Spirit hasn’t failed me yet – and won’t fail you.

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