Thanks to our friends, the Mayans, there’s been a lot of talk about how 2012 will bring about the end of the world.  Jeeze…talk about a buzzkill.  Although come to think of it,  there ARE a few things that make me think there’s something to those rumors.  Like this…

One sign of the coming Apocalypse..

or this….

Her Satanic majesty…

But despite the temptation to buy into the doomsayers and fear 2012 as 12 months of fire, brimstone, and  [god help us] Kardashians, I have a different view.

It’s pretty obvious that the last two or three years have brought massive change and more than a few freaky natural disasters.   From Occupy Wall Street to crazy weather, Penn State to the Fukushima nuclear plant, the news seems to have been more “WTF?” than usual.  My clients have also been undergoing their own personal upheavals, some of them off-the-charts dramatic.  All of this is happening for a reason: we’re offloading the old ways and making way for the new.  I feel this in my bones and think this is the “end of the world” that the Mayans really meant. Change is never easy [see: “New Year’s Resolutions, Volumes 112 through 183”] so you need to expect some pushback, but its exactly that  friction that creates positive change.  So let’s use it.

While 2012 is still fresh and new, take a moment to determine what positive things you want the year to bring.  This “setting of your intention” is like programming a GPS.  If you’re driving from New York to San Diego, you’d have a general idea of how to get there as you start out.  Where — in general — do you want to get to this year?  Granted, just like in your cross-country adventure, there will be side trips, detours and stops along the way [in my case, I always stop anyplace that offers pie].

My new best friends

Of course, you’ll need to recalculate as the months go by.  But if you have an overall destination in mind, your journey will make a lot more sense.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with tons of details; check in with your heart and spirit and listen to what they’re telling you:  “Better health,”  “A great relationship,” “Financial security.”  The simple essence is all you need. Jot your intention(s) down and stick it somewhere where it can soak up your energy — maybe in a box by your nightstand, or in a book that has meaning to you.  The simple act of declaring what you really want is enough to realign the universe.  By the way, do yourself a favor:  don’t twist yourself in knots trying to figure out “how” something is going to happen — or how it “should” happen.   Unlike traditional goal-setting exercises, “intention” is a lot lighter.  It breathes.  Intention is elastic, allowing for coincidence, synchronicity and magic to creep in and bring you opportunities to act and move forward.

Remember too, that when you hit a pothole, let it serve as a reminder or a warning:  what is it telling you?  Deal with it, and keep moving.

As for me, I intend for all of us to have a wonderful, healthy and happy year.  I intend that we move forward easily on our individual paths and as  “one tribe” [shout out to the Black Eyed Peas]. I intend that this blog be a source of useful, uplifting and fun information to help you make it a great journey.

And I intend that, this time a year from now, we can all look back and do a Happy Dance.

“I haz a happy!”

Happy 2012, y’all.  Especially to the Mayans in the house.

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