Well, as if it hadn’t been crappy enough, 2021 decided to deliver one last kick in the shin with the passing of Betty White. In her nearly 100 years, she delivered laughs, compassion for animals, and general bad-assness. We could all take a lesson (or 5) from Miss Betty for the new year.

Anyway, let’s gather ourselves, taking the hard-earned lessons we accumulated over 2020 and 2021.  Give yourself an “attaboy/girl” because you’ve been part of one of the Great Shifts of history. Examples abound: the fall of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Depression, world wars…on and on. There are times when Whoever’s In Charge pushes us collectively out of “normal” in hopes that we evolve and get smarter and better. Yes, it’s not fun – but it’s necessary. I guess.

I’ve been noodling on what 2022 will mean for us. Considering all we’ve been through in recent years I’m not surprised that the number “22” prominently factors in. For those of you not familiar with Numerology, “22” is a Master Number. The general rule in Numerology is that you add numbers together in various combinations, ultimately reducing them to a single digit.  Example: if your birth date is January 16, it works out as follows:

January (first month) is “1”

1+1+6 = 8

The only numbers in Numerology that are never divided are 11, 22, and 33. These “Master Numbers” pack serious spiritual juice. It’s no coincidence that Jesus was 33 when he was crucified.

Anyway, 22 is the energy we’re riding this year. If we dare to reduce it to a single digit, that would be “4.” Four is the number of legs on a table; it represents a solid foundation. So, between that and the Master Number juice behind it, this year is gonna be lit in getting our balance back and building/rebuilding something solid.

Kind of ironic that the Infrastructure Bill was passed in Congress late last year. You’ll be seeing lots of construction projects this year which is a great thing (unless you’re stuck in traffic during a highway rebuild).

The last two years felt like being in a huge wind tunnel, hanging on with one hand. And that hand was extra-greasy from all the french fries scarfed down by way of pandemic Comfort Eating (don’t judge me). Mercifully, that wind tunnel is quieting down (a little).

So this year will be a bit less bumpy. BUT (and you knew there’d be a “but”) we’ve been put through those changes for a reason. We’re being tasked now to rebuild our lives, putting in place new and stronger structures that reflect a new reality. Kind of like how cities have to find ways to fortify their infrastructure after a natural disaster.

That applies to relationships, our families, and especially our work. The energy of 22 is great for anyone wanting to make big things happen professionally. It’s juicy and powerful, so put in the work and you might achieve something amazing!

“Balance” and “boundaries” are two words to keep in mind in 2022. They were largely erased in the past couple of years, as we struggled to just muddle through. Emotions ran high, circumstances were unpredictable, people kind of lost their minds. One look at the news and you can spot the acting out in matters big and small. “Karens” ran rampant. So, it’s time to regain our center and strive to not get pulled too far in one direction or another. Walk that middle path.

Another aspect of “balance” is to improve our communication with friends, difficult coworkers, relatives. One tip in this department is to ask Archangel Gabriel to “give you the right words” if you’re addressing something tricky (Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus so he knows how to get to the point). It’s also helpful on job interviews.

It’s no secret that social media is like one giant playground fight, with insults, ignorance, and just plain meanness as the coin of that especially toxic realm. It’s gotten measurably worse in the last years. 2022 demands that we strive to communicate in a more grown-up way, so think twice before hitting “post.” That will go a long way in dissipating the toxic, out-of-balance energy of the last two-plus years.

So take a deep breath, grab your spiritual work gloves and start outlining how you’ll rebuild your life this year. 2022 has your back!

PS: If I can be of any help in sketching out your path for this year, reach out to thesensiblepsychic@gmail.com

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