I have a client who contacted me in 2020, right after her sweet pooch Emma had passed. She was grief-stricken and wanted to connect with her fur baby, which I was happy to do. The reading gave her confirmation about several issues that had been bothering her about the passing, and she ended the call on a much happier note.

Well, she recently got in touch wanting an “anniversary check-in.” I’ll be honest – I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But the session was eye-opening. And here’s why.

I think that most of us assume that once someone crosses, they’re in a kind of stasis. Sure, they know what’s going on with us here on the Earth plane: new jobs or homes, new babies, weddings, all that stuff. (I talk more about this in my book, OK, So You’re Dead: A Sassy Guide to the Afterlife).

Spirit people will indicate their awareness of these moments to let their loved one(s) understand that life does indeed go on. And they work on their own soul growth, processing what they’ve “lived” in order to do a little better when they jump back into human life again.

What I REALLY did not expect was a similar scenario with an animal. Stupid me: I’ve always known animals are spiritually superior to humans, but clearly, I did not “know” it enough. Because Miss Emma laid some truth on me.


While Emma had spent her first year in spirit adjusting, comforting her mom by visiting her, and just kind of getting her little legs under her again, she was READY to do something in Year 2. She clearly told me that she was helping “all the dogs” as they crossed over. Her mom is a vet tech and confirmed that there had been more euthanasia appointments than usual this past year; she also noted that she “saw” Emma’s shadow all the time at the animal hospital, but was afraid to tell me, in case I thought she was nuts. She is not.

Emma also shared that she was something of a furry concierge at the Rainbow Bridge, helping animals she did and did not know get acclimated. She was realllllly enjoying being a boss (a trait Mom gleefully confirmed). The feeling that I got was that Emma was like one of those people who retire, but about 3 months in, decides they’re restless and need to get back in the game. She was tackling her new gig with gusto.

Yes, she continued to watch over her mom, pointing out that she’d been present as mom went through a very rough relationship patch in 2021. Emma was playing an even more active role in helping a new dog who had joined the pack at home.

Simply put, Emma is engaged as hell.

The thing that struck me about this reading is that our life on the Other Side evolves in ways we might not expect. We pick activities and tasks that are most necessary both for what’s happening in “human time” and for our own (timeless) evolution.  It’s beyond our knowing on this plane, but once we cross, that process makes perfect sense.

I love being surprised with these little insights – especially from animals. They teach me so much more than human spirits do. And that feels right.

PS – If you’d like to connect with a beloved pet who’s crossed over, get in touch.

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