I just learned about something called “The Trickster.”  Not to be confused with T-Rex, Jeepster (love this song).

The Trickster is just what it sounds like:  an entity with a slightly warped sense of humor.  Your keys go missing, your reading glasses vanish, your checkbook was JUST THERE and it disappears.  Some of it may be age-related (or in my case, blonde-related) but there are times when its The Trickster.

Don't you just want to kick this little wiseass in the nads?
Don’t you just want to kick this little wiseass in the nads?

According to Wikipedia, the Trickster appears in a ton of other cultures, such as “Loki” in Norse mythology or “Anansi” in African lore. “Br’er Rabbit” in American folktales is another representation. Bottom line, we’ve got a very deep familiarity with this kind of energy, the kind that likes to break rules, mix it up and generally tweak easily-frustrated humans.

Done in by a giant ball of petroleum wearing a hat. Happens every day.
Done in by a giant ball of petroleum wearing a hat. Happens every day.

I believe that every home has a House Spirit — and The Trickster may pay a visit when the House Spirit isn’t looking (probably folding laundry — which I wish MY House Spirit would do).  The best way to deal with their naughtiness is to call them on it.    I read of one woman whose bag of pearl onions went missing as she made dinner.  They had been there in her produce drawer, then they weren’t.  She called out — loudly — “I want those onions back, and I want them NOW.”

Believe it or not, she heard a “thunk,” opened the drawer and –you guessed it — there they were.

Kinda wish it was a bag of diamonds....
Kinda wish it was a bag of diamonds….

So it goes to show you that the Trickster isn’t evil — they’re just a little twisted.  Like your weird Uncle Bart.  Or Rick James.  And recognizing what they’re up to is your best weapon.  I want to learn more about this entity, so share any stories, myths or family tales you might have!

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  1. This thing i am seeing in my kitchen now appeared in my little sister’s dream. She could see details in her dream like it having human-like features but the eyes were disturbing. it mentioned the name it goes by in the dream as “trickster”. it has a sense of humor but is an annoying type of entity that tries to frustrate you. has negative energy i can also pick up on and it’s appearance looks intimidating because i see it as completely black out with out being able to see details out of the corner of my eye each time i get a glimpse of this thing. My sister saw more details in her dream, as in having human like features. at first it looked like it had big horns extending out of it’s head but then i figured it looked more like it was wearing a joker hat. couldn’t really tell because all i can see is the black figure. Apparently they like to annoy you. Hide items in your house from you, and etc.
    It tries to make me trip several times in a day when it’s around and i guess it finds it funny how annoyed i get by that.

  2. Hello, I’m looking for some insight on a power that I believe to be somewhat of what you may refer to as a trickster. Only this trickster seems to come up in dreams as a woman more like a witch made of blackness and thorns and freezer burn stench…. Twigged hair, and extremely evil, I’m looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience with an entity similar or if anyone knows Moore about what I’m dealing with here. I am 29 and have had cancer twice, now I cannot walk so I am dreaming and out of my body a lot of time dealing w inter dimensional beings that come and go from my open loft/barn home often.. It is also old at least 200 yrs.. And I could have picked up who knows how many bad spirits and entities along the way during my two full year stays at terminal parts of the hospital…

    Anyone who can give me any book tips, psychic encylopedias that could really help lead me I. The right direction would be of great help. Thank you.
    Aja Yvonne

    1. Hi Aja — so sorry to hear about your difficulties. I’m not familiar with the particular entity you speak of, however, when it comes to anything unwelcome or frightening, I highly recommend using salt as a grounding/banishing tool. Regularly sage-ing your home or room is critical to keeping old, dark energies at bay. Then put sea or kosher salt (just a pinch) in the corners of the room and across windowsills and doorways. Make a practice of surrounding yourself with white light — especially if you are out of the body. These may help your days and nights be a little less flooky. All the best.

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