If money and/or career stuff has been an issue for you, get ready to do your Happy Dance: 2015 is the year you’ve been waiting for! Why, you ask? Let me break it down.

2015 resonates with the numerological energy of “8” (2+0+1+5 = 8) – and 8 is a kickass vibe for material issues and manifesting what you need. Turn an eight on its side and you get the symbol of infinity and limitless power. Have a look:



Keep this in mind when you plan out your financial goals for the year. No matter how big a hole you’re in, you have major wind at your back. Consider the possibilities of tapping into limitless abundance. Because many people will automatically say, “Yeah, right” at this notion, do yourself a favor, take a moment and really play with this idea:

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Now see yourself stacking dollar bills in little piles. Feel the paper in your hand; watch as those piles grow. Reallt make an effort to feel and see this experience. Now look around and see that you’re SURROUNDED by piles and piles of bills. It’s like an ocean of dough, all at your disposal. Let this feeling of abundance soak in, and reflect on it several times a day. This visualization is designed to get you excited about what this year can bring your way.


Obviously, don’t take reckless chances, like dropping the kids’ college fund at the casino, but do consider that there’s a strong, positive force around money stuff right now.  And rekindle your belief that you are, in the words of The Jeffersons, “movin’ on up.”

Here are some more insights on this “8” year:

In Japan, “8” represents “multiplicity” – dollars, yen, kroner, shekels, whatever.   In China, it represents the full sum of the Universe. In Middle-Eastern parts, 8 represents multiplication of assets. Let’s just hope that the Duggar family isn’t reading this right now. They’ve done more than enough multiplication of assets of the screaming, diaper-wearing kind.



Moving on. In several other traditions, the eight symbol represents the pinnacle of manifestation and matter. Another interesting aspect to the energy of eight? It corresponds to the New Testament in the Bible. Rebirth, resurrection – all good stuff, amIright?

Other things associated with the “8” vibe include: personal power, success, material wealth, abundance, transformation, ambition, spiritual consciousness. Pick one or two of these terms and use them as your mantra(s) this year.   Be consistent in repeating them to yourself. Trust that your finances are improving.

And ride this righteous vibe all the way through 2015!

Remember, if you need some clarity on your issues with money or career, I’m here. Happy New Year.

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