I live just outside of New York City, so September 11th is always a somber day.  Everyone has their memories of where they were or they know someone who lost someone.  I have those, too.  But it’s something that happened in the aftermath that has most stayed with me.

Shortly after that awful day, I was doing some mediumship training with a guest teacher from the UK.  It was before Ground Zero was cordoned off to spectators; several of my fellow students  went down there to see if they could assist the spirits of any of those who’d lost their lives.   This is because, many times when someone dies so suddenly and tragically, they’re sort of like “What just happened?” and aren’t sure what to do next.   So, like so many volunteers, my friends were there to help any confused souls cross over.

But what they reported back to the class was interesting:  namely, they felt nothing.  There was no presence of spirit.  Nothing.  One woman described it to the rest of us as, “They were just….gone.”   It was a particularly odd sort of emptiness, which none of us had ever experienced when working with the Other Side,

Our teacher, who’d been at this her whole, long life, shared something that was both fascinating and strangely comforting:  those souls who were on the planes or in the buildings were released from their bodies ahead of their physical death. They were spared that pain and suffering, pulled into the warmth and peace of the Other Side before the worst happened.

She explained that, in many tragedies, the Wise Ones release the soul ahead of the death of the body.  The person finds themself in a beautiful, healing place where any memory of pain or fear is soothed away.  It makes me think of a child being woken from a nightmare by the gentle reassurance of a loving parent.

This idea was confirmed to me years later when I did a sitting with a 9/11 widow.  Her husband  came through and described his passing as painless.  He said he saw himself with other souls rising to a Heaven-like dimension, as if they were floating up from underwater.  The image he showed me was beautiful, and I hold it in my heart whenever I meet with anyone who’s suffered the kind of loss we did on 9/11.



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  1. That souunds totally plausible. I had a friend see the whole physical event over a year before it happened. She was raised on the west coast and had never been to NYC. She saw herself on a very high building looking over a bay. Suddenly each floor started pancaking from the top to the bottom. People on the ground looked like little ants Below and some people were falling off the building. But she didn’t know what she was looking at and didn’t feel the emotions of the experience. So when she got to the bottom she just stepped out like it was an elevator. I too had a psychic experience about 911 5 days before it happened. I had grown up with occasional precognitive dreams etc. So I asked God never let me witness a horrific recognition, so I didn’t! But the Friday before that Tuesday I started to feel like I was having a breakdown! It was highly filled with fear and anxiety! And it got progressively worse as the weekend went on. My neighbor and close friend wasn’t due to come back until Monday night. I called a friend who had. Panic attacks and asked what I could do. I LITERALLY FELT ALONE AND that the END OF THE WORLD WAS UPON US! But I knew that was a totally Irrational thought and feeling. I couldn’t wait to go back to work on Monday to be around normal people. And I was already planning to see a shrink that week to get on medication. Monday night I went to LAX to pick up my neighbor. That was really bizzare! I kept seeing soldiers carrying rifles out of the corner of my eye, every where. So I told my neighbor something is very spooky about the airport and we needed to get out of there ASAP. It was late so he didn’t put up a fuss. Later I found out that it was a target that was aborted. The next morning I had my TV to wake me up like an alarm for work. I had my hearing aids out but it was set to turn on to the today show. I saw the plane crashing into the twin towers like they were doing a promo of another terrible disaster movie which I found disgusting. I was half asked and soon realize this “movie” was repeating over and over again! I Putin my hearing aids to find out what was happening! It was horrorfying, but I suddenly realized I’d been
    Experiencing a precognitive emotional feelings that made no sense at the time. Which shows us that being psychic can appear in some senses but not all of them.

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