I’ve written a few posts recently about how each and every one of us has psychic ability, how its hardwired into our being but how most of us need to consciously bring it on line. Yes, there are those people who just walk around all “psychic-y” – but don’t let that intimidate you.

As I wrote before, some of you may find yourself more “clairaudient.” Others, more “clairsentient.” The last part of the Psychic Trifecta is “clairvoyance,” which means “clear seeing.”

With clairvoyance, you see images in your mind’s eye. There are some intuitives who actually see things like you do in the real world, but that’s comparitively rare.


Clairvoyant images tend to just drop in to your mind. There may be no rhyme or reason to them, just as the psychic information that comes by way of your inner feeling or hearing ability.   And here’s the tricky part: you may want to dismiss them. Our logical mind tends to not “believe” things we haven’t thought up ourselves.

It takes practice to suss out the difference – and practice starts with trusting what you “get.” Make a point of jotting down what you suspect are clairvoyant moments. Then look back and see if anything you saw in your mind’s eye lines up with an actual incident or person.

For instance, if an image of someone you know just pops into your head, see if they call you later that day or show up at your house. With time, you’ll strengthen the channel and know the difference between your own thoughts and those coming in psychically.

You can also see if you can predict an image on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper, or try to guess playing cards before turning them up; or set up a time with a friend and ask them to do a simple task at their home (they don’t tell you what it is). At your pre-arranged time, try and sense what they’re doing.

Hopefully, they're not doing this....
Hopefully, they’re not doing this….

Pay attention to whether you “see” it – or if you hear something or feel something. Many psychics, myself included, tend to get their information as a mashup. And one sense may dominate on one day over another. The process is fluid.

As you work to open up your own psychic ability, keep it light and fun. Celebrate every little win; frustration is completely counter-productive. This is not a race. The more you can enjoy the process, the easier it will flow.


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