Happy 2016! Don’t know about you, but man, I couldn’t wait to see the hind end of 2015 as it got the hell outta here. As the saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya…”

So now, we have a whole new year to work with. And the numerological vibe of that year, 2016, is “9.”

Now what does that mean? 9-energy is an indicator of things ending, finishing, completing. It’s the last number before we get into double-digits. It’s the end of a cycle.

Sometimes, when I read someone and “9” comes up, their first instinct is “Uh oh – an ending. That’s gotta be baaaaad…..”

But no. Endings, quite literally, hold the seeds of a beginning. Endings clear the way for the next phase. Endings hold great power and potential. Winter has to finish before spring can arrive.

During a “9” period, there’s a wonderful chance to pause and assess where you’ve been. In the Tarot, the 9 card is The Hermit, a guy at the top of a mountain, looking down and taking the 10,000 foot view of things – quite literally. So as we step into 2016, take a moment to look back and see what –or who — you’d like to ditch.


Pay attention to that overall “9” vibe this year – what (or who) will end, go away, disappear on the national or world stage?  I have one suggestion….



Anyway, let the 9 energy of 2016 assist you in ridding yourself of those things that are outdated, old, stale. Don’t fight it. Let them go. If something (or someone) looks or feels like a grind, an uphill battle, a constant frustration, that’s a sign that it’s time to re-assess (like our guy on the mountain) and perhaps say “buh bye.” If you can’t end that “thing” – like a tough relationship with a family member — then maybe you need to flush the “approach” and find a new tactic.  The good news is, that this energetic vibration will give you a helpful “push” in ending a bad habit or anything that’s been holding you back.  Like a kid on a swing with a strong hand at their back,  9 energy will help you to sail forward.



Endings don’t have to be a downer – they offer fabulous creative possibilities for your next chapter.   Consider “zigging” instead of “zagging,” looking this-away versus that-away. Flip the script. And make this year’s pages fantastic!


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