Sometimes, I’ll just be sitting at Olive Garden, inhaling the endless breadsticks,when a Psychic Emergency strikes.  Someone needs a reading! When I don’t have my cards or crystals handy, I turn to “psychometry.”

Psychometry is the art of object reading.  You hold something belonging to the subject as a way to link in with their energy.  That allows you to “read” them more easily.

Here’s how I do it:  I take something the person wears a lot, if possible. A ring, watch, necklace — even their car or house keys — anything that’s absorbed their energy.  Placed in my non-dominant hand, (the left), it’s a way to reach the subconscious; I start to feel the connection to that person and off I go.

Clearly, Frodo did NOT enjoy the vibes he got from THIS ring....
Clearly, Frodo did NOT enjoy the vibes he got from THIS ring….

When I teach my Psychic Development class, I have the students each put something of theirs in a paper bag.  Then I pass it around, have them pull out a random item and read it (without the owner revealing themself until the end).  It’s a fun exercise and even beginners tend to “get” something.

The way you receive information from psychometry will be unique:  you may feel a physical sensation, hear words in your mind’s ear or see images in your mind’s eye.  It may be a combination of all three.  Like your fingerprints or taste in music, your psychic style is unlike anyone else’s.  As you get confirmation of what you’re getting, you’ll develop a sense of that style and build your confidence.  The thing is to be brave:  say what you’re getting, even if you’re not sure.  You’ll be surprised at how often you’re right.  Don’t be afraid to be “wrong.”  Even the most gifted psychic is never on the money 100 percent of the time.   If they tell you they are, run in the other direction.

It’s funny the kind of energy that “things” can give off.  I was once in an antique store with my sister and started to feel very lightheaded and anxious.  Turns out that there was a section filled with nothing but swords and knives used during wartime. The violent history of those items was still churning, but good.

The bad juju from the Civil War is NOT "gone with the wind."
The bad juju from the Civil War is NOT “gone with the wind.”

It’s for that reason that anything you bring home from a swap meet, antique store or yard sale should be heavily saged; you don’t want any funky residual energies coming into your life.

This yard sale goodie doesn't need needs to be destroyed, ASAP.
This yard sale goodie doesn’t need sage…it needs to be destroyed, ASAP.

Psychometry was one of the first things I  learned when I was developing my psychic awareness, and its a wonderful way for “beginners” to start unfolding their own ability.  Maybe because you literally have something to cling to as you read!

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