I’m a big believer that everyone – EVERYONE  — is psychic.   Whether it’s a hunch, first impression or gut feeling, intuition is hardwired into our system.  It was a survival skill back in the day – and can still save you from a whole lot of aggravation, if you only trust it more.  Admit it:  there’s been at least one instance in your life where you “knew” something, right?  Did you blow it off at the time?  Many of us do, but I’m here to tell you that learning how to pay attention to those little “pings” is going to change everything.

Sorry, the tin foil doesn't increase the frequency...
Sorry, the tin foil doesn’t increase the frequency…

So what distinguishes a professional psychic like me from plain old you?  Not much, actually.  I compare it to a radio:  some people are born with their intuition “channel” locked in and turned waaaaay up.  Others have to fiddle with the knobs a little to pick up what’s out there in the ether.  But it’s totally do-able.  Like anything, it just takes practice.

There are three basic ways psychic information shows up:

Clairvoyance:  “clear seeing.”  This is when you see images in your mind’s eye.  There are some psychics who see things for real – but most of us see it in our head.  I may see images of people involved in a person’s job, or a geographical place if I sense a move.

Clairaudience: “clear hearing.” This is “hearing” sounds, voices, words in your mind’s ear.

Clairsentience: “clear feeling.”  You feel physical sensations, smell things – anything that engages your senses.  For instance, I may feel a heaviness in my chest when I’m picking up someone who passed from lung or heart issues.

Very often, a psychic will get a mashup of the three.  One channel may dominate, and it may vary from day to day.  For me, I tend to predominantly hear and feel my info, with seeing images close behind.  Like your fingerprint, your intuitive style is completely unique.  And its fun to figure it out!

Spinning the psychic mashup groove.
Spinning the psychic mashup groove.

The experience of “getting” information often trips people up because they think they’re just “imagining” it.  Here’s the thing – your imagination is the vehicle.  It has to be – that’s how we process things in our lives.

Think about what you have to do after work.  You’re probably seeing yourself running to the grocery store, picking up the kids after soccer and making dinner.  That information shows up in your imagination, like images on a screen.  And it’s the same way with psychic stuff.

The trick is to learn how to distinguish between the kind of imagination that has you seeing yourself in a hot air balloon with George Clooney (OK, that’s just me) – and the kind where you’re seeing a new job opportunity.  That just comes with practice.

Psst!  George!  Call me!
Psst! George! Call me!

Before I share some fun exercises, let’s talk keeping yourself sane and healthy.  Any kind of psychic work involves energy.  It’s important to take some care before you dive in.  Why?  Well, think about one of those people – and you KNOW you know one – who just drains you.  They have a talent for sucking you dry with their problems.  After a night out, listening to their story (again), they say something like, “Wow – it was so great to see you.  I feel soooo much better!”  You, on the other hand, feel like you got hit in the face with a bat.

Yeah, they kinda make you feel like this.
Yeah, they kinda make you feel like this.

So energy is a real thing, and you need to know how to work with it. Before I do anything related to spiritual work, I envision an “egg” of protective white light around my whole body.  This is something I learned years ago; it takes about 2 seconds and serves as a shield from whatever, good and bad.  It keeps me from becoming completely knackered after a reading (PS  — it’s a good thing to do when you’re about to meet that Energy Vampire for drinks.  You’ll thank me in the morning).

It'll look a little like this....
It’ll look a little like this….

If your ability to “see” this white light isn’t so hot, you can just say something like, “I surround myself with the white light of love and protection.”  That’ll work, too.

So make it a point to do this super-quick ritual before practicing anything to do with your psychic side.   It’s not a bad addition to your daily life in general — keeping a lot of random crap from sticking to you.

Now, let’s dive in.


I first started teaching this little exercise back when old school newspapers were still big.  Even if you get your daily news fix from an online site, it’ll still work.

Here’s what you do:  start by putting yourself in that handy egg of white light.  Then…

1)  Set a notebook and pen aside to record what you get.  Close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths.

2)  Envision a blank movie screen or piece of paper in front of you.  Keep breathing.

3)  Now ask the Universe to send you a hint of tomorrow’s news.  It may come as an image, a word, a feeling.  Stay relaxed and let it unfold.  Go with the first thing you get.  I can’t stress this enough; oftentimes, our first impression is the RIGHT one.  But we talk ourselves out of it.

4)  As this is happening, stay gently engaged and observe how you’re getting the info:  are you seeing it, feeling it, hearing it?

5)  After a few minutes (really, keep this short so you don’t get too anxious), take a few more breaths and return to the “here and now.”  Jot down what you got.  Check it tomorrow and see how you did.

You may need to do this a few times before you get a “hit.”  But it’s fun!


For this, you’ll need something like a piece of jewelry, from someone you don’t know the backstory on all that well.  Maybe ask a friend to bring you their mother-in-law’s earring (yes, you’ll give it back.  Unless its really nice….).  You can try it on anything where you can get some confirmation afterwards.

Once more, put yourself in that white-light-egg thingy.  Then…

1)  Set a notebook and pen aside to record what you get.  Close your eyes, relax and take a few deep breaths.

2)  Hold the object in your non-dominant  hand (meaning, the one you don’t write with).  That allows you to tap more easily into the subconscious.  Relax and keep breathing.

3)  What information is coming off the object?  It may come as an image, a word, a feeling.  Stay relaxed and let it unfold.  Go with the first thing you get.  And, this is important, tell your friend what you’re getting (so they can verify).  Don’t try to understand it.  Just say what you’re getting.  This may take some time, since we tend to want to be “right.”  Learning to just flow with the information is one of the hardest parts of psychic development.

4)  Again, stay gently engaged and observe how you’re getting the info:  are you seeing it, feeling it, hearing it?   Does one dominate more than the others?

5)  After a few minutes, take a few more breaths and return to the “here and now.”

As your friend tells you what was a “hit,” recall how you got that piece of info.  Seeing, hearing, feeling….The more you do this, the more clearly defined will be that line between your everyday imagination and the particular way your psychic info comes in.

These are two simple exercises that train your psychic muscle, but you can work it all day long:  as in, “who’s calling?”  (don’t cheat and look at your phone). Is a particular person going to reach out to you today?  What song will come up next on the radio?  You could sit with a deck of cards while you watch Real Housewives and try to guess their color, suit or number as you pull each from the deck.  The idea is to let the part of you that doesn’t work off intellect to be in the driver’s seat more often.

And the one thing I can’t emphasize enough?  Follow your gut.  When something comes up in your life that you’re not sure of, what does your  gut tell you?

This gut tells me to cut down on the pork rinds.
This gut is saying, “Cut down on the pork rinds.”

Paying attention — and acting on the feelings your gut inspires — is the easiest way to tune up your psychic muscle.  I’ve heard that “intuition is wisdom in reverse.”  So start working that channel and save yourself a lot of grief.  You’ll thank me (and I love gift cards to Target!).

So what times did your intuition tell you something?  Spill it in the comments section!

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  1. I know I’ve had many random, fleeting experiences throughout my life. I’ve always felt I was a little bit psychic, and have tried many times to increase my ability, but I never seem to get anywhere. I’ll try and do the things you suggest. I’m sure I need to open up to the idea of being more interactive with people and trusting my intuition. That is a hard step for me to take, but it also seems like fun.

  2. I’m going to try the first one you suggested (with the movie screen) as I think this one will best suit me in reference to my past psychic experiences. I’ve always wondered how to go about increasing them. Thanks for the advice! 🙂

  3. Hey if I can see aura’s coming out of peoples body thrum their head and hear incredibly well and what does it mean if you see the aura’s even better after looking at the sun for a bit

    1. I generally think its more accurate to see auras against a blank or dark wall; when you look at the sun, you’re at risk of having optical issues interfere. Just my take on it.

      1. Think about this wat does the sun really release energy or harmful rays if the rays were harmful plants wouldn’t be green but they are which means its light energy and technically looking at the sun doesn’t harm u I looked at it for two weeks and the only setback I had was I couldn’t see frapricated colors

  4. Hi Joy. Yes, I am learning about Reiki Healing online and this might be where I am headed. I have already been practicing this healing on my husband throughout the years without even knowing what it was what I was doing. I’ve just been calling it “Hands on Healing”. I believe for it to be fully effective, both the healer and participant have to believe thatbit is goingbto work. My husband is still not 100% open to all that is unseen yet, so I don’t think my healings on him have been as effective as they could be. I have also been doing reflexology on his hands and feet. He has told me that he really think that it helps him. If nothing else, it really relaxes him and helps with his high stress job. 🙂

  5. I too believe that we all have psychic ability. My husband has learned to trust my intuition. I’m very sensitive to good and bad vibes. I tell him that I don’t know why I feel like I do, but I do. I have in the past, heard words whispered in my ear. Like someone, God, was trying to tell me something. I now keep a journal of all these words. I believe that I being led into doing some kind of alternative healing . I’m still not 100% sure yet what it is. Anyone reading this getting any kind of sense on what type of alternative healing I’m supposed to get into? I have also started meditating in the past year and have been able to see visions. Some of which have come true. I have had a recent vision of my husband and myself purchasing a home on about 5 acres of land. I can see the exact detail of this property like I’ve been there before. I just know that this is our future residence, even though my husband doesn’t see us owning and taking care of that much land.

  6. im not sure I have any kind of talent, but if you don’t mind I will tell about a few thing, sometime my mind tells me to do things and I just blow if off. thid I always a mistake. I can sent “vibes” to my husband on where to eat , this always works. I can be driving to a restaurant and about half a mile away I can tel the restaurant is closed. there are many other insitances. am I paychic? can you tell me how to improve id I am?

    1. I believe all of us are psychic, some just have the channel turned up louder than others. As for “proving” it, well, you’ve already had some legit experiences. Psychic phenomena is often subtle — and even when its a pretty obvious “hit,” some folks will doubt it. I’ve found that there’s an element of faith involved — and when your gut “tells” you something out of the ordinary has just happened, believe it.

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