‘My dog, I swear, he’s almost human.”  When he can bring in the garbage cans or do my taxes, get back to me.  But in the meantime, I’ve had several clients ask if their pet will ever reincarnate as a person.

My answer would be, Why would he want to?  When you can have someone attend to your every need and never have to make a decision about what to wear in the morning?

There are many thoughts on the subject of reincarnation and whether we “cross pollinate” into other species.  One religion, Jainism, won’t even step on an ant for fear a formerly human soul is living in that tiny body.  I guess we’ll find out for ourselves one day.  In which case, I’m getting rid of the ant traps right now.  But in the meantime, here’s how I see reincarnation with our critters.

Anyone who’s owned a pet knows how special animals are.  I feel they’re far more spiritually advanced than we are:  consider any dog who’s been neglected or abused, and how they still give their crapwad owner a tail wag (yeah, I can’t watch those ASPCA TV commercials either).

Animals have a near-endless supply of understanding and forgiveness.   They view the world simply.  All they ask for is a warm place to sleep, a steady supply of treats and kibble and someone to love.  And for that reason, they are a furry example of  how to live gracefully.  No surprise that science shows that pets help our health, or how the sight of a puppy coming to visit makes a cancer patient smile.


The four-legged/winged/scaled creatures in our world are reminders to chill out, appreciate nature, be kind and happy.  So, no, I don’t think our animals are going to opt for demotion to a human state. They have plenty of important work to do.  In between belly rubs, that is.

(And their work doesn’t stop once they’ve crossed over.  I wrote about that here.)

And just a note on pets reincarnating as another pet:  it MAY happen, but its unfair to put that burden on either the new pet or the spirit of the deceased one.  Treasure them as individuals and allow them to work their magic on your life.  Remember, I’m always here to help you connect with a pet, living or dead.  Read about my Animal Communication services here.

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  1. Animals are very much more advanced on every level than a human being. They are infinitely more spiritually aware of the many dimensions around and in us. And the purpose we are ever brought together is for evolution ONLY. and of course the Love that flows between human beings and their companions. It is devastating to see and feel the ugliness and abuse of animals on this planet. they are our TEACHERS and guides, and human beings must one day renounce their insidious sense of superiority towards beings that incredibly more advanced than they. If any lifetime together is cut short, and has to continue, both the animal and the human being will be brought together again, through animal reincarnation, And as this is a soul desire and need, for both there is nothing on earth that can interfere with this miraculous process. All one needs is faith in the Divine, and themselves and their animal partner. the bond we have and share with our animal partners is the most important bonds we have. Human beings are here to LEARN from Animals, and not to assert any domination whatsoever upon these exquisite beings, that are spiritually aware of realities that human beings have barely touched upon. I hope in my heart that one day, Animals will be honoured, adored and cherished for the precious Divine Beings that they are, and human beings may finally evolve IF they listen to the animals….. if not, humanity will continue on its stupid senseless path of self destruction caused by ignorance and male dominated attitudes on this planet. there is NO Human love that can possibly compare with the love from these exquisite beings on any level. Which is probably why they are abused…. humanity has NO concept of the Love these beings radiate.
    May every animal be blessed, Protected, and cherished forever…. thankyou

    1. Those signs would be unique to each animal — the way they do/did certain things, certain behaviors, etc. But I always emphasize to pet owners not to put any expectations on a new pet they bring home; one needs to respect their individual soul.

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