I am a huge – HUUUUUGE– fan of “The Godfather” movies (1 and 2, at least – 3, not so much. Seriously, that one sucked). The other day, I was watching a documentary on the making of the film and saw something I hadn’t seen before, namely, the claiming of personal power.

Michael, as played so magnificently by Al Pacino, had largely been kept out of the “family business.” But when he gets the snot kicked out of him by that crooked cop, McCluskey, he reaches a turning point. He tells Sonny and the rest of the crew that he’ll take out Salazzo and McCluskey. His own “power” wakes up – and while I’m no fan of whacking guys, I must give props to that moment of recognition. Michael sees and feels his own power, and has no problem pulling the trigger – literally.

I frequently have clients here who struggle with owning their power.   Most of us – especially women – have spent years dialing it back so as not to overstep our bounds, make others feel uncomfortable, blah blah blah. The underlying fear is that someone will be offended or we’ll be shunned for being the complete and utter badass that we are.  But what if we lost that fear and just went for it? Take a moment to think about how things would shift in your world.

Two practical things you can do to step into your power include:

-If you’re walking into a tricky meeting or discussion, call on Archangel Michael (Corleone?).  He did battle with Satan (and won), so whatever you’re dealing with is easy peasy for him. Ask him to help you feel your courage and resolve, and to be able to speak your truth.


-Carry a piece of Tiger’s Eye with you. This stone is renowned for helping you maintain balance and tap into your own power. Think of it like a lucky charm.



So give some thought to embracing your “inner Michael” – do what you have to do or say, accept the consequences and never look back.



And remember, “leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

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