It happened again.  I’m scanning my morning Yahoo headlines and see that a Florida psychic is on trial for scamming her clients out of — wait for it — something like 25 MILLION (with a “mill”) American dollars.  She managed to get otherwise intelligent folks to hand over gold, jewelry and cash, all in the interest of “sacrificing” to rid their lives of evil (’cause “money is the root of all evil,” get it?).

This shameless skank insist that her clairvoyant gift had been in the family for 1500 years.  Gee — with all that ancestral weight, you’d think shed’a seen the law coming to shut her down.

Houdini could escape the cuffs; you can't.
Houdini could escape the cuffs; the phony psychic can’t.

I friggin’ hate stories like these, because it tars all legitimate psychic/mediums with a bad brush.   No legit intuitive will EVER ask for more than their standard fee.  Extras like curse-removing, intervening with the gods on your behalf or invisible bitch-slapping should not even enter the discussion.  But this begs another question:  if you have a gift, should you be charging at all?

The answer is: HELL TO THE YES.

No matter how naturally intuitive someone is, using that ability takes energy.  A lot of it.  You don’t want to see me after a long afternoon of reading:  its not pretty and usually requires some serious time on the living room couch.

Most of us devote a lot of effort to keeping our gift sharp, in order to provide the best possible information we can to our clients.  We take classes, buy and read books, travel to sacred sites, meditate.  It’s not just for fun:  its specifically to help us be of service.

Then there’s the fact that a reading requires  time.  Outside of the actual session, there’s preparation involved:  in my case, I spend about a half hour before you even get here to meditate, tune in, clear the space with sage and incense.

Psychics could be using that kind of time for plenty of other things:  car pools, laundry, making flan.  Plus, most of the psychic/mediums I know have full or part-time jobs, families and other things pulling at us.  So, at the very least, you’re paying us for our time.

On the subject of “giving it away,” most every psychic/medium (myself included) has frequently used their gift for someone who’s in need, and not taken dime one.  We want to help, and our hearts are softer than most when it comes to a person who needs to hear a message or get some direction.  The point is, we shouldn’t be “expected” to work pro bono.

Very few of us get rich from this work.  The John Edwards and Theresa Caputos are few and far between.  But our efforts to help and heal others in our own little way should be honored monetarily.  Every reader has their own rate card; like any professional,  I’m up front with mine (which you can see here).  I’m not a fan of those “one free question” types or the ones who only charge you $5.  ‘Cause you KNOW they’re gonna suck you in for a lot more.  This is not a party game; it’s serious endeavor and should be respected as such.

What do you think about psychics and money?  Share your comments with me.

Sorta get what you pay for with this type....
Sorta get what you pay for with this type….

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  1. NO, my strong belief is that a divine ‘ gift ‘ given to an individual is ‘given’ to them for the intention of mediating between both the spirit realms and the physical earth humans, and deliver messages and information that provides comfort and inner peace to living loved ones who need healing of grief, and also provide some clarification and proof that the spirit soul exists and lives on after the physical death of a persons life has ceased here on the earth plane. This divine ‘gift’ to a medium is an honour and i strongly believe the purpose is to allow the medium to receive and deliver any information and messages from the higher energies for the highest and greatest good of bringing these two worlds together, and to deliver proof that loved ones are still around and with them and provide healing and comfort to grieving loved ones who desperately need this inner peace and reassurance that the spirit soul does exist in the peaceful afterlife, i strongly believe, my ability to act as a medium is with the soul intention of extending my gift by way of ‘ giving ‘ spirit messages to help heal and comfort others in need, I dont believe that spirit gift mediums for the purpose of providing an occupation that sells this in exchange for making money….. i believe any gift is an honour from spirit and my ethical purpose is to deliver peace to others as a gift also, and is the biggest gift that anyone can donate to someone else without involving money, .. for all the blessings and gifts i have within my own life,…. i want to give something back to spirit also, ….. and that is why i work for and with spirit , and with high gratitude and thanks

    1. I agree with you Jayne. This a gift not everyone has which you have been so graciously been given. There is a special purpose you have it and its definitely not to take advantage of others with it. To have such a gift should be shared without charging, if people pay you for your generosity than so be it, if not, than that’s ok too. It all depends on the person and how they feel about you. The divine has given you this for your life purpose and is a part of your own life blueprint.
      Like most other mediums or psychics, they do have a fulltime job that they are actually educated in.

  2. I have no issue with psychics charging money. My problem is why they charge so much. Hundreds of dollars per hour is excessive. If they really want to help people then they should understand that not only the wealthy are in need of aid. A lot of psychics I know have you pay by donation with a reasonably low minimum, and they have kept it this way for a long time, because it provides.

  3. Agreed. Because people always view it as a gift, and their perception is that psychics are like ministers or something, they shouldn’t charge.Well even Ministers make money! lol But the scammers DO make the perception much worse…

  4. Yes, they should charge for their services. Everyone is entitled to make a living. There is a time for generosity and giving, however. It is great when one can make money doing something they love!

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