The solar eclipse of 8/21 has been making a lot of news. It’s a rare event, mainly because of the proximity offered specifically in the United States.  People have been buying up special goggles to observe it.  Old-school types are making those “viewers” out of shoeboxes that some of us remember from grade school.

Yeah, that’s all cool. But such a momentous astrological event has other consequences.

Have you been feeling edgier than usual the last few days? Upcoming eclipse.

Does your life feel like a bunch of confetti thrown up in the air, with the parts landing wherever? Eclipse.

Basically, this big solar eclipse is Changing The Game – like it or not. The shifting energies around the event are forcing us to review where we’re at, adapt, mix things up.

A solar eclipse triggers rapid change, so hang on. Unlike lunar eclipses, which also bring change, but of the more “internal” kind, solar energy is much more “outer-directed.” Stuff on the outside of our life will change – and that requires an ability to vamp, look for a different path, figure out another way around the new obstacles put in our way. So stay flexible in your thinking.

Take the powerful energy of this solar eclipse and put it to work for you; thinking outside of the box is essential. Get creative – even outrageous. Brainstorm every crazy solution, and don’t be shy.

“Game of Thrones” fans, think of Daenerys riding her dragon into battle: use that (somewhat) scary solar/fire energy to give a new shot to your dreams. Be bold, step into the light and heat and see where it takes you. This could be just what you’ve needed to get things moving in the right direction.

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