Years ago, one of my friends seriously got into something called “Sacred Geometry.” While describing it to me, she pretty much lost me at the word “geometry” – because I hated it in high school. But the general idea is that the Universe pulses to the vibrations associated with numbers, music and light frequencies.

Paging Mr. Spock.

It also reflects universal patterns that frequently show up in spiritual places like temples, churches and mosques – and within nature. Triangles, spider webs, the inside of shells….these are some examples. That famous drawing by da Vinci of the “Vitruvian Man” is another expression of this principle.

Anyway, another physical manifestation of Sacred Geometry is the “merkaba.” These are crystalline structures that look like three-dimensional, intertwined “stars of David.”

These beautiful forms help assist us with spiritual transformation. Holding one as you meditate can take you to “higher ground,” as Stevie Wonder once sang.


They can assist in any form of healing (which makes them a favorite tool of Reiki Masters, shamans and the like) – and can inspire higher thoughts and states of being. And let’s face it – they just look cool.

This is my own merkaba. Ain’t it cute?


You can get merkabas in various crystal forms; the stone they originate from will largely dictate the vibrations. For instance, a merkaba made from rose quartz will have a powerful “love” energy versus one that’s just plain clear quartz.

I consider merkabas an essential tool, and keep one on my reading table in my office. Whether I understand Sacred Geometry or not.

PS — Remember, that powerful merkaba will be at work when I read for you.  If you need a session to sort out the tricky parts of your life, get in touch!

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