Our pets are not just furry, sweet companions – they’re important helpmates on an energetic level. Part of their sensitivities and life purpose is to adjust energy, both our own and that in our home.

Sure, they look like they’re just laying there having (yet another) nap. But while they’re doing it, they’re sending out vibrations to adjust the “frequency” in a room. Ever find your cat curled up in a closet, or your dog in a different spot in the house? According to the ancient practice of feng shui, your pets are breaking up stale or negative energy. And face it, animals can always pick up on someone – or something – that’s bad news. Their radar is exquisitely tuned.

Our pets take their job of “looking after” their humans very seriously. That includes protecting the home. It goes beyond merely barking at the mailman. Often times, after new people have been visiting, you’ll find your pet “walking the perimeter” of your home or property. Sure, they may be sniffing that visitor’s residual scent, but mostly, they’re re-establishing a protective energy barrier. It’s kind of like all those fancy home security systems – but with more hairballs.

Animals are hugely helpful in calibrating our own energy. When someone is sick or depressed, a pet may take on the job of removing some of that weight. No wonder they often insist on being right next to us when we’re crashed out on the couch with a tummy bug or mourning the end of a relationship –part of their job is to lift some of that dark, heavy energy.

Because animals are so much more elevated over humans, their job of working with energy doesn’t end when they do. Even when a beloved pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they continue to interact with their human. They come back and forth from spirit-side to the Earth plane, patrolling their home and adding an extra dose of protection. They also cuddle up to a family member going through a challenging time, beaming out their particular spiritual vibe as an assist.

So take a moment to give your pet some thanks (and of course, a treat) for the hard work they do in protecting, clearing and boosting our energy!

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