Being a psychic is humbling, exciting, eye-opening, cool and inspiring.  It can also kick your ass.

They don’t call us “sensitives” for nothing: psychic or mediumistic work requires a shift in your personal energy that leaves you “open” to both the good vibes and the bad.  When I read, I can feel my client’s joy, angst and heartbreak.  It’s a fascinating experience, and it’s a huge lesson in empathy – but it can take its toll on the physical body.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things for taking care of my psychic self and preventing burnout.

1)  White Light.  Before I read, I make a practice of visualizing an “egg” of protective white light around both my reading space and myself.  Because I’m about to open myself up, this keeps any janky energies or entities from getting in.

Better than a bulletproof vest and a bottle of Purell.
Better than a bulletproof vest and a bottle of Purell.

Here’s what I say before starting a session:  “I surround myself with the white light of love and protection.  I ask that only positive energies be present as I do this work, and help me to be a clear channel for the information which my client seeks.  I ask that they help me receive, discern and relay that information in the kindest and gentlest of ways, for the highest good and the good of all.  I accept nothing less.”

I don’t recall where I learned this prayer, and it’s evolved over the years, but it sets up a safe, healthy space to work in.

2)   Washing hands.  I do this both before and after a session, visualizing any stale energies leaving my body (in the TMI category, I also pee beforehand just in case – so I def need to hand wash!).  It’s also a sign of respect and honor for the tools I’m about to handle (cards, crystals, etc.).  Washing my hands after a session also brings me back to earth.

Not an OCD thing -- just good psychic hygiene.
Not an OCD thing — just good psychic hygiene.

3)  Food.  I try to eat something light about 45 minutes before reading.  I need the energy.  After reading, I also have a snack.  Food helps ground me.  In that same vein, many psychics are vegetarian.  Good for them, but this girl needs her Big Mac.

As a matter of fact, I DO want fries with that....
As a matter of fact, I DO want fries with that….

4)  Where I read.  Early in my development, one of my teachers warned that psychics should never read in bars.  Besides the noise and the random assholes, you’re dealing with some crazy energy.  People go to bars for a reason, and their problems or pain is amplified.  I made the mistake of doing a few quickie reads when I was out with some friends one night; they went fine, but the next morning, yours truly was absolutely knackered.  And it wasn’t from the chardonnay.  I felt like I had holes punched in me, and it took days for me to feel normal again. So now when I go to a bar – white light or not – my shingle reads “Closed.”

Seriously.  Jello shots and readings do NOT mix.
Seriously. Jello shots and readings do NOT mix.

5)  A Process.  Intuitive energy or the energy surrounding a mediumistic session kind of has a life of its own.  Learning to control it is a little like learning how to ride a bucking bronco; there’s a rhythm and unpredictabiltity.  A routine for opening up and closing down puts a framework around that energy and makes it easier to handle.  The bronco may still buck, but at least its in the corral versus hauling ass across the painted desert.

Just call me the Psychic Cowgirl.
Just call me the Psychic Cowgirl.

When I begin, I’ve put the white light around myself; when I complete a session, I envision a little curtain being pulled across my crown chakra, as a way to terminate the link.

"Thank you!  And good night!"
“Thank you! And good night!”

Then I wash my hands and eat, and I feel like I’ve come back to earth.  Doing something grounding – gardening, petting my cat, taking a shower – also works.

Having a process for your psychic work is vital.  I’ve seen too many of my students go a little nuts with their blossoming abilities.  They walk around with their channel wide open, reading anyone and anything that comes across their path.  I think they like the attention. One woman was thrilled to tell me about the two people she’d read while standing in the Express Checkout Line; no mention of how her unwitting subjects felt about it.

Does an inadvertent reading count as item #16?
Does an inadvertent reading count as item #16?

Not only is that just crazy intrusive, its not healthy for the reader.  When your energy isn’t controlled, its like an ungrounded power line.  Sooner or later, you will get burned but good.

So use these tips to stay healthy and focused both in and out of the intuitive realm.  And I’d love to hear what you do for yourself to stay sane and centered.  Hit me up in the comments.

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  1. I read tarot for myself and for others once in a while. I have seen Blessed Mother’s energy. I read Angel cards that she is in and I work a lot with Jesus so I guess she came to try to help me with my life challenges. Did you ever see her energy? She and Jesus are visually similar to me. They both appear as a dancing light. Jesus shape is outlined with a moving band of light that has geometric shapes that are constantly moving. Jesus’ shape is a tall shape and Blessed Mother’s shape is more of a circle of light. Its pretty freaky. I always call in Jesus and Archangel Michael when it starts. The light starts small and it grows. If I am afraid or don’t want to experience it I just say so and it doesn’t grow.

    First time I saw a DNA shape (which again is dancing light in geometric shapes) in front of my eye a window opened up in my peripheral vision and I saw out into space and I saw different size orbs of colored balls of light flying around. I am guessing those were Angels. This vision sounds random but I actually love science and I always look at hubble pictures online. So I guess I kinda wished for that vision. I have had visions such as TV pictures in my minds eye as well. So I guess I am visually oriented in my psychic skills. Like I see flashes of lightening in my minds eye if an electrical storm is coming my way. I am a medium but I don’t see dead people and I’m grateful for that.

    It is nice to talk to other people who are mediums. The Angels used to talk to me when I was walking to religious instruction when I was in first grade but I shut it off in my early teens since nobody else I ever met did it.

  2. This blog post is seriously an answer to my prayers! Last night I attended a psychic practice session, and afterwards I was completely drained. It could be because it lasted around 3 hours, and we all read for everybody (and there were 11 people there), so it could have been just the sheer amount of time and various amounts of energy I was tuning into, but man I really need to build my endurance.

    Please say one’s endurance gets better the more you practice!

    Also, I would probably add staying hydrated to your list, because without water I probably would be dead now.
    Anyways, thanks for the post!

    1. Glad the post was helpful — and yes, I also keep water nearby when I read. Your endurance will build up, but reading for that many people in one sitting is hard, no matter how long you’ve been at it. This is why I don’t do parties anymore: jumping in and out of all those different energies is killer. I would rather work with no more than three people a day, max. You’ll find your “limit” at some point — but its critical to know where to draw that line. I did a charity function with some other readers, and we read about 20 people each over the course of the night. When customer #21 looked my way, I told our manager “no way.” Had nothing left. Better to cut yourself off before you burn out completely – its good for you and for the client (they get better info).

      1. Thank you for the inside perspective! Good to know it gets better, and that if I still get drained then it’s not just me, and that I have to find my limit. I did notice that the readings kind of got a bit lazy towards the end of the night, and not as psychic as I would have liked. I cannot imagine doing 20 in a night!

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