Whenever I  teach a Psychic Development class, I know I’ll have at least one student who’ll show up after a few weeks looking a little fried.  They have bags under their eyes, they seem kinda spent or frazzled, and they tend to just talkandtalkandtalk.   It’s exhausting to be around them, bless their pointed little head.

And I can tell immediately: they’ve been operating their newly-developed psychic abilities without a permit.

I get it:  its exciting when you start actively working with your intuition.  A whole new world opens up – literally.  But without some healthy habits, you run the risk of feeling like you got run over by a monster truck.  Or three.


Working psychically changes your physical makeup.  There’s an electrical dimension to our bodies; when we dial up our intuitive senses, we’re upping the wattage.   And like loose wires, that energy needs to be grounded to prevent burnout or that general spacey feeling.

You've been warned.
You’ve been warned.

Regular meditation is a good place to start.  It helps develop a sense of control over your breath, and lets you navigate the subtle changes in your energetic body.

Then there’s preparation.  Before I read, I first surround both myself and the space with a protective white light.  I’m dealing with energy, so I want anything heavy or difficult to be kept at bay.

I do a short meditation (in addition to the one I do daily), then envision a window opening in the back of my head.  This is my personal technique that “tells” my conscious mind to shift into a different gear.   Once I’m through, I reverse it and “close” the window.   It’s like working out:  a warm up and cool down are essential to keep from getting injured.

Also, take it a little at a time.  If you try to open up your channels too quickly,  you’ll feel sort of fried.  Gradually build up how long you stay in the psychic flow.

Nice try, Hercules....
Nice try, Hercules….


Because that side of our brain generates fine, fast-moving energy, it’s a good idea to counterbalance it with something slower and more grounded.  After a session, I always eat something, put my hands on the ground or pet my cats.  Anything “earth” related will bring you back into your body and offset that spacey feeling.

The other thing is to be careful where you read.  Working in the same spot builds up the positive vibrations, which not only helps your connection, but also protects you.   The “reading rooms” at the shop I used to work at had a great, juicy feel to them because of all the positive work that was done there.

I learned very early on to not read in bars or random public places.  The energy can be  very hard or heavy, and you’ll feel it for days after.  A lot of newbies will try and “read” people just wherever – and they pay the price.  As tempting as it may be, stick to appropriate times and places  to do intuitive work.  Put a process in place to better direct your energy, so its not just sparking all over the damn place.

For those who are naturally extra-sensitive, I wrote about a technique to add an extra layer of protection and smooth out that jagged feeling.  Wearing dark clothes or carrying dark colored crystals like smoky quartz or obsidian can ground you, as well.  Here are some other stones that are helpful for psychic work.

The thing is, providing a framework and a system to your psychic work will make it more effective – and make your daily life as a whole more comfortable.

What do you do to stay healthy and grounded in the spirit realm?  Hit me up in the comments.

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  1. Great article with very helpful information. I’ve never tried reading before, but I didn’t realize it took so much energy. Very insightful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for the practical advice! Although I don’t read people, am spaced out by crowds & literally drained by certain types of people (find my shoulders up in my ears with tension) after time spent together. Exhausting! Now I understand the after effects better. Love your book, by the way.

    1. Glad it was helpful advice. Anyone who’s extra sensitive will pick up energy, and it can definitely whomp your ass. I also recommend a rub down in the shower with sea salt and a little olive oil (careful not to slip in the tub) when you’re feeling icky. It takes the psychic sludge off. And thanks for the nice comment on my book!

  3. Hi, Excellent post, and very helpful to the un-trained. I’m glad to see that you linked in the protective bubble, but I’m surprised you don’t use a reflective mirror on the outside of it though. But, I guess we all use what works for best for us. I bubble my home, the car, anything when I’m feeling a little vulnerable, and it happens to us all at times. Glad I decided to follow your blog, as it’s nice to keep in touch with a; as you say ‘sensible psychic’.. Stay safe on your journey.

  4. Before I mediate I see white light come down through my head and finally to my feet which then become roots that go deep into the earth grounding me:)c

    1. Chrissy, I use the ‘roots into the ground’ system too when I do Chakra meditation, I ensure they go all the way to the core of the earth…great grounding method.

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