You know that TV show, The Long Island Medium? Besides her god-awful, freeze-dried hairdo, the thing that really annoys me is how she does readings just, oh, wherever. Waiting at the deli for fresh mozzarella? Read someone. On line for the bathroom at an AC/DC concert? Read. In a dentist’s waiting room? Read.

Wonder what gross tonnage of hairspray and gel goes into this creation?
Wonder what gross tonnage of hairspray and gel goes into this creation?

Yeah, yeah – I know these “on the fly” readings are done for the show. But you’d be surprised at how many psychics choose to read in the most inappropriate places. And that’s not good for them – or the person getting the reading.

I admit that I’ve done the odd quick reading for someone when we’re out to lunch or something. But over the years, I’ve learned that its really best to reserve psychic stuff for an assigned time and place.

Years ago, a girlfriend of mine (and a very gifted psychic) took a gig at a nightclub. She was a single mom and needed the money. But she admitted that the toll those readings took on her proved to be soooo not worth it. Not only was the space really loud (boom-chaka-laka), the clients were usually half in the bag/mad at someone who didn’t want to dance with them/desperate to dance with someone who didn’t want to dance with them.

Hardly conducive to a spiritual vibe....
Hardly conducive to a spiritual vibe….

She tried her best to protect herself from those janky vibes by loading herself down with crystals – but they could only do so much. That gig lasted only a few weeks before she gave up.

A similar place that is super-bad for giving/getting readings is in a bar. Oh sure, you’re having a few drinks with friends, and it comes up that you’re a psychic. All of a sudden, someone wants you to “tell their fortune.”   You might be feeling a bit loose, so you’re like, “sure.” But I’m here to tell you, you will pay a massive price afterwards.

I see AA in your future...
I see AA in your future…

When you open yourself up psychically, its like peeling off a layer or two of skin. You will feel everything – literally. So whatever downer vibes are in that bar – and let’s face it, many bar patrons have a lot of downer stuff going on at the moment – you’ll pick it up. And will pay with the Mother of All Hangovers (trust me,I know. Boy, do I know).

Some of my students, excited about what they’re learning, have felt compelled to read total strangers at the grocery store or car wash or wherever. They tell me, “I just started getting all this stuff….” But that does both themselves and the “target” a huge disservice. From an ethical standpoint, it’s rude to insert yourself into someone else’s private life without their permission. From a physical standpoint, a developing psychic risks serious burnout if they’re not properly grounded and prepared.

Does a spontaneous psychic reading make this 11 items instead of 10?
Does a spontaneous psychic reading make this 11 items instead of 10?

Psychic or mediumistic readings are extremely intense energetic events. The reader is opening him/herself to very sensitive energies and influences; to some extent, the client is, too. That deserves a sacred space, proper preparation and focused attention — not standing in an aisle at Wal-Mart.

And despite any seeming sense of “urgency,” the truth is that most spirit communication or any other psychic info can wait for the right time. They want the information to get through in the clearest way possible – so they’re willing to chill.

So, if you’re psychic – hold your readings in a place and time where all the sacred energies can work with and help you. If you’re a client, give yourself the gift of the right time and place to fully experience this powerful connection to the Other Side.

Fellow psychics, tell me: where’s the worst place you’ve ever read? What were the results? And clients, have you ever had someone come up to you unexpectedly with a message? How did you feel? Leave it in the comments!


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  1. Wow, surprised that bar or nightclub owner would even want to have someone offering psychic readings in their establishment. Seems like a weird combination. I agree that the energy in those types of places are just too intense to get a real read on someone.

  2. Great post! I agree totally with the points you’ve made……you would not believe the places people have expected me to ‘perform’ or maybe you would. It’s very easy to become disillusioned with your abilities when you’re treated like a carnival attraction 🙂

  3. I doubt very seriously that Long Island Medium is real. That’s a cold read job all day. But I digress.

    I often wonder, can a psychic tell if a person is open to be read just by looking at them?

    Can psychics spot other psychics?

    1. I actually think Theresa does have a gift — but too often, when they get on TV, the pressure to be “dead on” (no pun intended) all the time kinda twists things. No psychic is 100% all the time. It just doesn’t work that way. As to your other question, I haven’t found that you can tell if someone is open to a reading just by looking — always best to ask. And for “spotting” other psychics, don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t discovered any secret handshake….!

  4. I was shopping in a gift store which sold crystals, tarot cards etc. and asked for assistance regarding their Cd’s, the owner asked ‘do you mind if I tell you something’ and I was assuming she meant advise regarding what I was looking for and she just comes out and gives me a reading regarding a family member, 1. I was shocked with the negative news she had just told me, 2. It was not my business to know this information as it was not for me 3. She was wrong. I have never returned to this shop and 3 years on it still upsets me with the way this information was given. I know she asked permission but I would not have agreed had I realised she meant a reading not assistance in my purchase.

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