I recently had a client here who told me that he was taking a psychic development class. But he quickly added that he had no intention of “turning pro” like Yours Truly. Another one of my blog followers posted something similar in a comment.

As if becoming a professional psychic, medium, animal communicator or whatever is the only goal. It most certainly is not. And it doesn’t mean you have to use whatever gifts you possess to read your cousin/sister/co-worker whenever they ask you to.

This does not have to be you.  It's definitely not me (at least in the wardrobe dept.)
This does not have to be you. It’s definitely not me (at least in the wardrobe dept.)

Learning to tap into the hidden ways that the Universe speaks to us every single day is something well worth your time. It can completely change the game, make you see things in a fresh new light, and give you unexpected tools to solve your problems.

My own journey started when a girlfriend told me about a psychic development course she was taking. It sounded fun, so I signed up, too. The first night blew my mind, and from that moment on, my whole life would be different. I dove right in, opting to further develop my abilities because it gave me a new way to do my life.

Reading professionally happened by accident when a New Age store opened by me. I wandered in to have a look, started a conversation with the owner and before I knew it, she asked if I’d like to do readings for customers. The rest is history.

I enjoy being a professional psychic; but there is absolutely no rule saying that you have to do the same. Psychic and metaphysical information is fundamentally meant to enrich life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Whether it’s a single book, an ongoing class or even just reading my blog (thank you!) – make some room in your life to explore the metaphysical world on a regular (OK, semi-regular) basis. Whatever speaks to you: Akashic Records, mediumship, angels, Reiki and energy healing, Wicca, Tarot, past-life regression – there’s an endless subject list, and it’s all fascinating.

If you’re like me, you may find that bits and pieces make the most sense. My library is a complete mash-up of topics. Some of those books really engage me; others make me roll my eyes (those are the ones I re-sell on Amazon!). I’ve taken some fascinating classes, and some that made me want to suck down an airplane bottle of gin in the ladies room during our breaks. All of it helped me find my own “psychic style” — which is more like a crazy quilt.

In case of ridiculous classes/teachers/co-students, break seal and drink.
In case of ridiculous classes/teachers/co-students, break seal and drink.

You may opt to delve deeply into a single subject and make that your primary focus. It doesn’t matter: all that information is out there to help us become better, stronger, wiser humans. You’ll find your groove.

Although you may be inspired to share what you’re discovering, remember: using what you learn to benefit others is not a pre-requisite. Let what you unearth transform you first. Then see where it takes you. Or doesn’t. Each of us has a unique path. That’s the beauty of it.

PS – if you want some fun ways to start opening your own channel, check out these posts. Here’s one….and another….and another.

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  1. It’s hard to know where to start, I have sooo many stories of being contacted. The only one I wonder about a little is when I encounter static electricity in my house. At any given time any time of the year etc. I can go to turn on a lamp and get zapped. Pass by the fridge and I can even see the blue spark that gets my arm.
    My daughter was visiting recently and we laughed about it. After she left I went to open my kitchen door and on one of the window panes was a tiny smudge in the shape of a heart. I texted her to let her know her dad sent his love. My X passed away a couple of years ago.
    A few days later I was in my yard on a beautiful fall day enjoying all the wonders that is our earth. I was giving thanks for such a beautiful day and saying prayers. I looked down and there on the ground was a small red leaf in the perfect shape of a heart. What a blessing!
    My question is I always felt I knew (who) of my loved ones that had passed was sending a message. My youngest daughter commented that her Dad would never have sent a heart it wouldn’t be his personality. It must have been Maw Maw she said. It made me question for the first time who was sending what.
    Question : how do you know who is sending the signs?

    1. Wow! What a great story! My rule of thumb is, your first thought of who sent a sign is the one to go with. We tend to overthink. And sometimes, we’re so invested in it having to come from someone specific that we miss a sign from someone else who wants to touch in. Thanks so much for sharing!

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