Taking Care of Tarot Cards


My first Tarot deck is celebrating a birthday:  27 years ago this month I got them and spent a happy summer learning all about this wonderful art.

This deck — a Rider-Waite, for those who are interested — has been through a lot –A LOOOOOTTTTT — of readings since then.  I’ve picked up other decks along the way, but I always come back to Old Faithful.  Here are some things I’ve learned about setting up your deck to get the best experience possible out of them.

Happy birthday, old girl.

4 Replies to “Taking Care of Tarot Cards”

  1. Yeah, there are a few schools of thought on that. I let people cut the deck after I shuffle them, but some readers hate anyone touching their cards! So personal.

  2. I must be obsessive-compulsive, I always like to put the cards way in order! LOL Maybe I need to loosen up a bit. Why do you recommend specifically to NOT put them away in order?

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