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A Manifesting Guide for the Non-Believer

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The Law of Attraction “thing” has been around for a good long while. There have been a ton of books and videos done on the subject, and up to now, I’ve been a little bit lukewarm on the subject.

Look, I’m a practical gal, and I feel like the “magical thinking” thing that permeates a lot of the New Age community is just that:  “thinking.”   To me,  you’ve also got to do some actual heavy lifting to make stuff happen on this plane.

But hold up – I just stumbled on a book that aligns perfectly with the Law of Attraction and factors in my own ideas of doing what you need to do.

For years, Jerry and Esther Hicks have been the defacto stars of this LOA stuff, and I have flipped through a few of their books without much impression. But the one I just found is different for me. I find it kind of fascinating that I actually pulled it off the shelf and paid good American dollars for it – because this is generally not me at all.

Anyway, the book is called Manifest Your Desires, and it breaks down aspects of the LOA into 365 bite-sized nuggets. Maybe that’s what my pea-brain needs, but its allowed me to really, REALLY absorb this important lesson.

One of the things that jumped out at me is the vital importance of how you FEEL about something. Face it, how much fear, negativity, general whingeing is running through your head right now? I know that I’ve caught myself in that place more than once in recent weeks. This book has given me a way to step out of that dark rabbit hole.  Without feeling all Pollyanna-ish.

Look, our emotional state is also an energetic one; sending negative, worrisome or otherwise bad thoughts into the ether doesn’t help one bit. Not to say that you won’t have those feelings on more than one occasion, but actively choosing a more empowered state when you can is the thing. It seems so simple, but let’s face it — everyday life sets up serious barriers, and we spend more time focusing on what we don’t want than what we do.

For my own self, this book helped give me some practical ways to switch away from that heavy state into a better frame of mind – and I can actually “see” in a very real way, where it is I want to go. It’s like coming out of a heavy fog.

So thanks, Esther and Jerry. The act of “manifesting” now doesn’t seem so remote or complicated to this hard case.  I can’t wait to see the results – ’cause I have quite the list, and I can’t wait to get started on it.

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Destiny Is BS

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The other day, I did a reading for a client who had been told months earlier by another psychic that her “destiny” was pretty much signed and sealed – and not in a good (or Stevie Wonder) way.  And please — take a moment to enjoy the genius that is Stevie…..


This particular destiny described to her was not good – and naturally, she was freaked out at the prospect of all that janky stuff heading in her direction, with no way to get ahead of it. Or to stop it.

That kind of assessment makes me sad. Look, one of the main things I emphasize with my clients is that you always, ALWAYS have free will. And that means that you can change the course of things. Nothing is EVER carved in stone. EVER.

I cannot emphasize that enough.

Our lives here on the physical plane have a certain elasticity. There are lessons we need to learn, but the way(s) in which we “get” what we need to “get” comes in myriad ways. Some may be gentler, some may be harder – how that is all determined is above my paygrade, but the one thing I do know is that the more flexible and open you are, the easier the path. Let it unfold in its own way and go with it.

“Destiny” is a very heavy-duty term, and it can really do some work on you. Please know that nothing is done until its done. Our lives are very, VERY flexible and as the saying goes, “Where there’s life, there’s hope.” Up until the last second, you can always change your mind, your behavior, your attitude. It may not be easy, but it is the blessed option we humans are allowed.

If I can help you get past something hanging you up, get in touch.

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What You Should Know About A “Sign”

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I got an email from a friend the other day about her mother. Mom was in the hospital, undergoing some tests, and was understandably a nervous wreck. In the past, my friend had told me that she wished her mom could be more “open” to the spiritual and metaphysical worlds – but nope, that’s just not how this woman rolled.

However, spirit can sneak up on you.

As Mom was laying there, waiting to be wheeled in, an attending nurse came in. Her nametag read “Carmela,” which happened to be the name of Mom’s grandmother.

Then another nurse came in with some paperwork for her to sign. Her nametag read the name of Mom’s mother. And she used that cute (and overused) phrase, “I just need your ‘John Hancock.’” Turns out that Mom’s father had worked for that company.

My friend tells me that Mom’s face relaxed considerably as she asked, “I think those were signs that they’re near me today.”

As Fonzie said back on Happy Days, “Exactamundo.”

Here’s the deal about signs. Many of us assume (or hope) that they will come in a very specific form of our determination, or that they’ll be done in skywriting. The truth is, signs are frequently much more subtle than that – but their timing is always impeccable. It’s just that we lunkheads often miss them. Because we put our own conditions on things. We need to let go of the reins and let them speak to us on their own terms and timing.

It would be helpful if it happened like this, but generally, it doesn’t.

What I want to stress is that, like my friend’s mother, you will KNOW a “sign” coming from your loved ones or guides on the Other Side when you experience it. There’s something slightly “different” – the timing, the place, that sort of thing. As I tell my psychic development students, “Trust what you get.” Don’t overthink or excuse these moments of magic; let your heart (and intuition) be the barometer by which you judge a sign.  Here are more of my thoughts about this topic.

And PS – my friend’s mother is just fine.

Magical Spring Cleaning Tips

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Even though there’s still some snow on the ground where I live, it’s technically “spring.” And that puts most of us in mind of “spring cleaning.”

After a long winter inside, it’s time to throw open the windows, dive into untidy drawers and closets and give our homes a “reset.” You can increase the positive power of your efforts with these tips.

  • As you clean, keep an “intention” in mind. Let’s say your family went through a tough financial spot during the winter months. While cleaning, think about clearing out that heavy energy and drawing in more prosperity. Make up a little chant or affirmation if you’d like (something positive, like, “Better days are here”) – but even if you don’t come up with an affirmation, keep your new vision running through your head.
  • De-cluttering a closet may not be your favorite thing – but trust me, it has a super-powerful effect. Getting rid of stuff you no longer use (and donating it to someone who could use it) spreads positive energy. Making sure your remaining items are neatly hung/folded/stacked makes you feel more peaceful. (By the way, if you own a cat and find him/her curled up in a closet, they’re doing you a “feng shui” favor by breaking up stale energy)
  • There’s a current trend, based on Japanese thinking, in which you look at each and every item you own. If you don’t absolutely love it, you’re supposed to get rid of it. For me, I don’t have the time to do that – but there is something in the idea that too much “stuff” just clogs up the free flow of energy in your home. Maybe I’ll try it with a few things and get back to you.
  • Although I own several vacuum cleaners  – with my favorite being the Dyson  (massive pet hair, don’tcha know) – one powerful magical tip for spring cleaning is to take a new broom and go through each room, sweeping in a counterclockwise direction. This symbolically “undoes” any old, stale energy. Again, your intention is the most important thing.

  • Speaking of brooms, take the time to sweep the entrance points of your home. (I keep a separate “outdoor” broom for this purpose – meaning, the “new” broom from last year’s spring cleaning) As you do it, envision that you’re sweeping away old energies and clearing a space for great new things to come into your life.
  • Some magical practitioners are big on using only natural items for spring cleaning: vinegar, essential oils, what have you. Me? I still go hardcore with the Clorox and scum-busters. I do believe that “intention” is the most important cleaning ingredient. But there is ONE natural item I feel is invaluable in your spring cleaning, and that is, a sage bundle.

  • The Native Americans have used sage for eons to cleanse and purify a space. Once you’ve done your bit with a mop, seal the deal by lighting a sage bundle and moving through each   room. ( I keep an ashtray underneath to catch any burning bits that might fall off as I work)   Let the smoke remove any leftover negative energy. As with your broom, move in a               counterclockwise direction. Open the windows to let both the smoke and the old energy out. I think you’ll find that your home feels considerably lighter and cleaner after this one ritual.

Here’s a bonus tip. After you complete your spring cleaning, stash a $20 bill (or higher denomination, if you can afford it) under the mat of your home’s main entrance (meaning, the one your family uses the most). Every time someone steps on that mat, it charges the bill and helps draw more prosperity into your life.

7 Things About Your Crap Situation

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Very often, when someone comes to me for a reading, they sit down and proceed to dump a whole lot of crap. I mean, a WHOLE lot. That’s OK – I get it and I understand that they need to “offload.” They’re in a super-tough spot and need some clarity. And I love helping them with that (I’m a freak like that).

I had a client the other day who’s had quite the “pile-on” in the last four years: the loss of her father, diagnosis of an illness and – worst of all – the sudden loss of her son in a tragic accident. She sat across from me, wondering why all this horrendous stuff has happened to her.

This is why I always keep a well-stocked box of tissues on the table.

Over the years, there are a few things I’ve learned about “crap.”   And let’s be honest – each and every one of us has had (or is having) their share of it.

Look, I am the least Pollyanna/Maria Von Trapp type you will meet. I generally stay positive, but I’m also aware that bad (and sometimes very bad) stuff happens. Many times, it seems to be so random, and it’s easy to say “Why me?” (right after you utter, “WTF??!”) So, as a psychic, here are a few things I’ve learned about challenges. Take it for what it’s worth.

Sorry, but sometimes, I want to punch her in the throat….

-Challenges are not “personal” – don’t waste time in beating up on anyone or anything (including yourself). Just deal with what’s in front of you. It’s like that classic line from The Godfather: “Its not personal, its business.” No matter how painful the situation, know that the Universe is NOT necessarily trying to come for you. [See the next point.]

Michael does NOT play….

-It’s a lesson – and when its really loud and obnoxious, pay attention. I passionately believe that tough times are put in our path to teach us something. And when something is really, REALLY making a ruckus, the more you need to stop whining and take a hard look at what that might be.

Not saying that it’s easy, but it puts a context around it. For example, if there’s a really crappy person that just won’t go away, what’s YOUR part in that? Trust me, I’ve had many clients who say they just can’t shake a toxic relationship; but on some level, they don’t want to. It takes bravery to admit your role in a problem – but when you do, you’ll be free. Or free-er. NOTE: there are some problems (like the client who lost a child) in which you don’t have a big hand. But you can still find something to learn from. Don’t give up. [See next point].

-The worse your situation, the braver you are. I know (and have had confirmation during many sessions) that we choose to deal with really hard stuff before we come into this life. Our souls understand that we need to grow, so we tee up experiences that will get the job done. If you’re dealing with a total crap-storm of tough times, consider yourself a true Warrior. Fight on.

…neither does the Mother of Dragons….

-It will make you stronger and better – if you let it. Challenges are aerobics for the soul. If you can face them, and see how they are re-shuffling the deck in your life, you will be better for it. I’m not saying it’s fun, but it DOES give you the chance to grow. And I believe that’s why we are here. You will be wiser on the back end.

-Challenges are a reminder of how truly badass you are. As I mentioned, we outline the experiences and challenges we will have before we take human form. And taking that form, otherwise known as “incarnation,” is seriously  gnarly.  Choosing to walk in human shoes is exceptionally tough stuff, and on spirit-side, it’s understood that the truly cool souls are those who choose to put those human shoes on — despite how badly-fitting or tacky-ass they may be.

Coming to a Lady GaGa show near you….

-Your crap situation can help other people. Yes, really. Going through something dreadful can fine-tune your empathy vibe. You’ve been somewhere unique, and now have the capacity to truly understand someone who’s going through something similar. You’re now closer to “the right words “– and that can be invaluable to someone who is lost. Personally, I had a terrible 2016. And once pulling out of the darkness (and frankly, there are days that I know that I’m still pulling out of it), I realized that what was left was a super-clear realization of what others going through a similar time were experiencing. My sensitivity increased; my snarkiness decreased. And that has made all the difference. I can help on a level I couldn’t have before.

-“The troubles,” as my Irish grandmother would’ve called them, are not permanent; change is possible – and even ordained. The sea can teach us here: waves come in, waves go out. Change is the currency of nature. Seasons, the way night turns into day, the phases of the moon…. examples are all around you. So please, do not get locked into a fake idea that your crap is destined to hang on forever and ever and ever. Embrace that this is a moment in the present space and time. Also, embrace the idea that the moment will pass — and things will turn for the better.

Salvador Dali was on to something….

Lessons from Lily Dale

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I recently stumbled across an article about the spiritual community of Lily Dale in upstate New York. It brought back a bunch of memories about a trip that I took there a few years back, which I feel like revisiting.

If you’re not familiar, here’s a quick refresher: Lily Dale was established well over a century ago as a community of spiritualist mediums. The area itself (north of Buffalo – and a long-ass drive from my home in New Jersey) has a long association with Native Americans and has great energy. This is one reason why it was chosen. It’s a favorite destination of anyone seeking spiritual growth.

Pretty, isn’t it? Yes. Yes, it is.

The community is tiny. You need to park your car outside of the neighborhood and walk in. While there, you can take classes, attend lectures or daily public “message services” where the mediums deliver words from loved ones on the Other Side.

More importantly, you can avail yourself of any of the dozens of mediums who live and work inside Lily Dale. In order to nab one of the cute little Victorian homes dotting the streets, mediums must go through some rigorous vetting. It’s reportedly like the world’s toughest hazing ceremony. So customers have pretty high hopes for the quality of the readings. Especially after said “long-ass drive.”

When my friend Janet and I finally got there, we felt the “energy” of the place immediately. We checked into their ancient hotel, then started poking around up and down the tiny streets

The resident mediums hang out a shingle, letting you know they’re available for a walk-in appointment (some of the more popular ones require advance bookings). Janet and I had agreed beforehand that if one of us went in first for a reading, we’d give a discreet “thumbs up” or “down” to let the other know if it was worth following on.

Over the weekend, we each did a few readings, some together, others independently. Most were perfectly fine – nothing mind-blowing, but nothing that especially sucked, either.

But there was one reading that DID stand out – and not in a good way. Janet went in to a young woman’s parlor while I waited on the porch. When she emerged 30 minutes later, her eyes were wild and she was subtly shaking her head in my direction. The medium had a smile on her face, like “Next?” – but I was up from the lawn chair and off the porch before she knew it.

Turns out, this reader did something I am vehemently against, as are most readers that I know of: she had told Janet that she was dying. Of cancer. I’m still mad, just writing that. SO irresponsible, and you know what? Not for her to put that in someone’s head. I spent the rest of our time talking my friend off the ledge – and came very close to writing a letter to whomever chooses the Lily Dale readers.

A psychic reading is very intimate, and the client is especially vulnerable at the time– they open themselves to the reader. Health issues are especially dodgy; when people ask me for that kind of information, I’ll do an energy scan, but I always, ALWAYS tell them that if they have specific concerns, go see a doctor, not a psychic. ‘Cause we are far from perfect.

And I’m always aware that you don’t want to put anything negative in their psyche.   Because we can easily create some bad “juju” if someone else tells us that’s what’s on the menu. This is essentially how voodoo works – or any other “mind control” method, for that matter.

Now, while I personally wasn’t overly impressed by Lily Dale’s readers (and hey, they’re entitled to having an ‘off’ day), I also feel for them: the history and standards about the place set up some insane expectations.

To balance it out, there were some positive things about my visit to Lily Dale: several “otherworldly” moments where I connected with spirits on the Other Side; many ghostly experiences in the woods around the place, learning about the earliest days of the spiritualist movement – and evidence of the interactions from those times (check out the onsite museum).  Plus, when I got home, I was “inspired” to adopt my kitty, Pyewacket (long story –but Lily Dale def had a hand in the decision).

My kittyboy lounging in the sun.

I think my main takeaway from my visit to Lily Dale is that one needs to maintain their own power; psychic-mediums can provide powerful insights, and that’s what most of us strive to do. For clients, it’s tempting to hand things over to an “expert.” But in the end, all of us are responsible for our own life. This is why each of us is here: to make the best of the lessons handed to us. Psychics can provide guidance, but you need to pull the trigger. Or not.

So my message to you is this: don’t be too dazzled by the reputation of any psychic, psychic place or spiritual summer camp. Keep it in perspective. Psychics are not magicians; we are human. So take what you get in a reading and use what rings true to move you forward – not freeze you in a place of fear and powerlessness. You should NEVER leave a reading feeling hopeless or scared. You should come away feeling ready to kick some ass.

How I want you to feel when you leave my office. “Rawr!!!!!”


PS — I just finished an interesting book about Lily Dale.  Find it here.

Kiss 2016 “Buh-Bye”; How to Prep for 2017

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If you hadn’t yet noticed, 2016 has been one of the suckiest years on record. At every level, it has been awful, with a capital “awf.” All those celebrity deaths….international tragedies…the political nastiness. I want to take a shower, just writing those words. On a personal note, I had to take a biiiiiig break from my psychic work to deal with some stuff.

Again, “suckiest year on record.”

I knew it was gonna suck when we lost THIS guy right off the bat….


The good news? It’s almost over. Numerologically speaking, 2016 was a “9” year, meaning, “endings, wrapping-ups, loss.” And boy howdy, did we get ‘em. I can’t tell you how many people I know who lost jobs, relationships, their minds, you name it.

The flip side of this s**t show is that 2017 is a “1” year – meaning, “fresh starts, new beginnings, do-overs.” So we’re all getting a chance to hit “reboot” on our lives. But to make that energy really effective, we need to send that janky crap from 2016 out the door. With a giant kick in its ass. Here’s what I plan to do before the ball drops in Times Square.

  • SAGE THE S**T OUT OF EVERYTHING: Sage has long been a go-to tool for clearing negative energy. Get yourself a sage stick, light it and let the smoke do its thang in your home, your office, car – pretty much anywhere and everywhere you hang. Open a window if you can to let the stale vibes out. Hit the corners of every room (where energy, like dust-bunnies, tends to congregate). As you work, envision all the crap of this year going up in smoke – literally.
  • WRITE A “FAREWELL LETTER” TO THE YEAR: It’s easy to let the heaviness, frustration and despair of 2016 leave a mark on our energetic fields – kind of like holding on to a grudge. Clear the slate by writing a letter to the year, venting all your feelings about whatever went down in your world, and releasing them. Really, let it fly. No one else will read it. This exercise is like writing to a bad ex, telling them to hit the road, and good riddance. If possible, burn it in the fireplace, on a grill or (super-carefully) in your sink or bathtub. The point is to put those feelings down, then (as with the sage) send them up in smoke.
  • USE SALT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: Salt is a traditional element for clearing and holding off bad “juju.” After sage-ing your space, take a little salt and put it around windowsills and doorjambs, to keep anything funky from entering your nice, cleansed space.

My other favorite use for salt is in the form of salt scrubs. If you’ve been feeling a little “off,” use a salt scrub in the shower to remove it. I do this on a regular basis to stay a bit more balanced.

OK, so now that you’ve done some clearing, give the fresh energy of 2017 a boost by setting your intentions for the new year. “Intention” is the key here; whether you write your goals down or just “think” them, adding “I intend to….” adds some extra punch. So take full advantage of the “I” word as you consider what you want to make happen this year. Because we have more power than we know; the Universe doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We are the other half of the achievement equation. Step up, and make your stand.

THE MAIN THING IS…2016 made many of us feel powerless. Too many people died. Too much negativity overwhelmed any sense of making a difference. I felt it; so did many people in my world. But with this fresh new “1” energy entering the scene, we need to reclaim our sense of autonomy. Perhaps we can’t directly influence the big stuff; but we can make an impact in small ways. So focus on what you’re able to impact: little acts of everyday kindness (especially to your self); putting your energy into the one or two things that really matter most in your world, like supporting certain charities; keeping your attention on what makes you happy or fulfilled, and not letting any residual negativity drag you down. For me, I’ll be tuning out cable news and watching a lot more old movies, like “The Thin Man,” reminders of a more civilized time (and funny, to boot).

How can you not love Asta?

The thing is to reclaim a sense of power over your own life in 2017. Because the “1” energy is yours to use. Happy New Year – now go forth and be the badass that you are.

And remember: if I can help you sort out the path forward, get in touch.

Bowie, Frey…What to Do When It All Falls Apart

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“What in holy hell is going on?!” I wrote this on Facebook yesterday after hearing of the death of Eagle’s guitarist Glenn Frey (always one of my faves). Because, really, the last 2 or 3 weeks have been awful. Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Dallas Taylor and Dale Griffin (the drummers for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Mott the Hoople, respectively). All these great artists have passed, one on top of the other. It’s gotten so I’m almost afraid to look at Facebook in the morning.

He sang the soundtrack to my high school years. Damn.


RIP, Thin White Duke
RIP, Thin White Duke

On top of those losses to pop culture, there have been personal ones: my kitty, Pepper, died last week after being hit by a car. One of my colleagues tells me her marriage just imploded. There was some grim health news for a family member. And that’s just on my end. I know of other people going through some seriously tough stuff right now.

Seriously, January is off to a super-sucky start.

Last month, I wrote about how the numerological vibe of 2016 is “9,” representing endings, leavings, finishings, “clearing out”-ings.   At that writing, my generally sunny outlook saw the “9” vibe as a positive, making way for new and better things – but only after something else got out of the way.

While I still believe that, part of me still wants to punch that sunny version of myself in the throat.

OK, so here we are, smack dab in the middle of a TON of “endings.” It’s almost overwhelming. How do we manage that sense of being off balance, of missing someone or something? What do we take from this tidal wave of things leaving us, whether we’re ready or not? Here are some tips:

-First, breathe.

-Second, drink. Breathe again.

-Cry if you have or want to. When I realized that Pepper was gone for good, I lost it in a big way. For hours. My indoor cats were looking at me with concern (rare for a cat, even rarer for mine). But afterwards, I felt better, more peaceful. I was clearing out my sadness and frustration in a physical way.

Pepper on my deck. RIP, little man.

-When you’re feeling raw from all the turmoil, visualize a bubble of sparkly white light encasing you. It’s healing, but it also prevents any other heavy energies from impacting you and making you feel worse. Think of it as spiritual “bubble wrap.”

Now, part of the distress associated with loss or sudden/forced change is that it reminds us of how little control we have over some things. So times like these are good for reflecting on exactly what you can – and can’t – control about your own world. For my friend whose marriage is dissolving, she’s realizing she can’t control the increasingly bad choices of her husband. It’s a hard, painful truth and she’s finally accepting it and letting go. She’s making a space for her next chapter to begin.

Another thing about loss is that it forces us to reflect on where we are in our own life. Obviously, none of us are at the level of a Bowie or Frey, but people are commenting on what they left behind, what they contributed, how they impacted people. So what will each of us leave behind, as testament to our time on the planet? Were we kind? Did we help? Did we show love or understanding? It doesn’t have to be a classic album or movie or TV show that we’re remembered for: we can have a great impact on the world with the simplest of gestures.  So use this particularly crazy time to take stock and course-correct your journey.  That will be the positive, empowering thing to do when it all seems to be going haywire.

When it came out in 1972, who knew that this song would be so appropriate?

“Turn and face the strange,” indeed.

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2016: Endings Are the New Beginnings

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Happy 2016! Don’t know about you, but man, I couldn’t wait to see the hind end of 2015 as it got the hell outta here. As the saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya…”

So now, we have a whole new year to work with. And the numerological vibe of that year, 2016, is “9.”

Now what does that mean? 9-energy is an indicator of things ending, finishing, completing. It’s the last number before we get into double-digits. It’s the end of a cycle.

Sometimes, when I read someone and “9” comes up, their first instinct is “Uh oh – an ending. That’s gotta be baaaaad…..”

But no. Endings, quite literally, hold the seeds of a beginning. Endings clear the way for the next phase. Endings hold great power and potential. Winter has to finish before spring can arrive.

During a “9” period, there’s a wonderful chance to pause and assess where you’ve been. In the Tarot, the 9 card is The Hermit, a guy at the top of a mountain, looking down and taking the 10,000 foot view of things – quite literally. So as we step into 2016, take a moment to look back and see what –or who — you’d like to ditch.


Pay attention to that overall “9” vibe this year – what (or who) will end, go away, disappear on the national or world stage?  I have one suggestion….



Anyway, let the 9 energy of 2016 assist you in ridding yourself of those things that are outdated, old, stale. Don’t fight it. Let them go. If something (or someone) looks or feels like a grind, an uphill battle, a constant frustration, that’s a sign that it’s time to re-assess (like our guy on the mountain) and perhaps say “buh bye.” If you can’t end that “thing” – like a tough relationship with a family member — then maybe you need to flush the “approach” and find a new tactic.  The good news is, that this energetic vibration will give you a helpful “push” in ending a bad habit or anything that’s been holding you back.  Like a kid on a swing with a strong hand at their back,  9 energy will help you to sail forward.



Endings don’t have to be a downer – they offer fabulous creative possibilities for your next chapter.   Consider “zigging” instead of “zagging,” looking this-away versus that-away. Flip the script. And make this year’s pages fantastic!


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A Psychic’s Take on Halloween

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Ah, Halloween. Even these (many) years after trick-or-treating, I still remember how cool that night felt. Racing out the door after dinner, meeting your friends on the neighborhood streets that were lit only by streetlights (who DOES that anymore?), and of course, the candy. The frikkin’ candy that would keep you in a perpetual state of pre-diabetic shock for days after.


But what I most recall is that magical energy in the air. You could feel it – literally. Like any spooky thing could really happen.  My friends and I saw ghosts and goblins hiding everywhere — and man, was it fun.

As a psychic-medium, I’ve since learned that there’s a very good reason for that magical “feel” of Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve – or “Samhain” – was one of the most important religious times of the year for ancient Celts. Samhain is still celebrated by Wiccans, as it marks the end of summer and the harvest, and is, quite literally, their “new year.”

The spooky angle of Halloween came about because of an ancient belief that this night was when the veil “between the worlds” was at its thinnest. The Celts knew that the spirits of the dead could come back and walk the earth – hence, dressing up in costumes to “scare” them away. That scare factor also accounts for the plethora of walking-dead-blood-spurting-chainsaw-wielding type movies that run on cable all week long.

I’ve since learned to view Halloween as not only fun, but sacred. There’s a certain power to honoring another “turn of the wheel” and the natural rhythms of the earth that were so well known to my ancestors.  Consider this time your “new year” and think about what you want to bring about or change in the coming months.

And because the wall separating us from deceased loved ones is not as high on this night, place a photo of someone who’s departed under your pillow. Invite them to join them in your dreams, and know that their presence is very real.

Happy Halloween!

(Just because it is one of THE great dance videos, here’s some Michael Jackson to celebrate. And admit it — you’re gonna be doing some of these moves in your living room. I know I am. Trick or treat!)