We’re hitting the Memorial Day weekend, and although its become associated with barbecues, beer and that scary moment when you display your winter-white legs in shorts for the first time, it really IS about “memorial” — as in, remembering those who’ve passed on in service to our country.

Whether you’ve lost a military family member — or any family member or friend — I want you to know that they will probably be at that barbecue with you.  When someone crosses over, it does not mean that they cease to be involved or aware of life on this side of the veil.  To the contrary: they’re still keeping an eye out for us.

To me, crossing over is like graduating from high school.  You may be heading to college, but you’re still in touch with those kids a grade or two behind.  If those “kids” are family members, you want to keep in the loop, maybe not quite as much as when you were alive — but still.

You’d be surprised at how many times a spirit has let me know that they were at a special birthday or graduation.  They know about a new grandchild — or even the new addition you put on the house.  The point is, they keep in touch.  It’s like they’re checking your Facebook page.  So you might want to keep the sketchier “selfies” off of it.  Just a suggestion.

Anyway, those who we are deeply linked to, either by blood or circumstance, remain in our karmic phone book.  They are busy with new experiences on spirit-side, but they don’t forget us.  In fact, they’re closer than we think.

Most of us think that death takes us to a place far, far away; but in reality, they’ve just switched into a higher energy form. They move so fast that we can’t see them.  Hey, Star Trek fans.  ‘Memba that episode where Kirk is “sped up” by some alien chick?  Here’s a refresher:

That’s kind of like how it is for our loved ones on the Other Side.  They resonate at a level that we don’t easily experience; dimensionally, they live about three feet off of our ground.

For them to “appear” to us is not easy.  They must slow down their vibration, which takes some doing.  As a medium, I need to raise mine as they lower theirs — and then we meet somewhere in the middle, energetically speaking.  When they  show themselves to a non-medium, the process is even harder, so be super-grateful for that gift.

Because the process is tricky is one reason you may not see a loved one soon after their passing.  They’re getting used to their new state; its like falling asleep as plain old dumpy you and waking up as Angelina Jolie.  Takes some getting used to.  That bit of down time is good for us, as it lets us adjust to this life without that person.  Not fun, not easy, but necessary for our growth.  Wanting to “see” them again is a natural response, but being too desperate and needy isn’t good for them or you.

Grief is a powerful teacher.  And understanding that our loved ones continue to live on, albeit in a different form, takes time.  Just know that they are as close as your thoughts and memories.

Happy Memorial Day.

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  1. Cindy, just skimming your titles makes me want to eat you like cheesecake 🙂 I have no words for how much I love your writing and style. Yummy with a spoon!

  2. My process goes like this: first, I sit in meditation, focusing on my breathing. I envision my breathing syncing up with the Universe. I see a stream of Universal Energy running over my head, and I envision a beam of light going from my head up into that stream, where I can access higher thoughts, experiences and encounters and pull them down into my awareness. I make sure my feet are on the ground to keep that energy from getting too crazy. Then I’m ready to work and pass on what I’m getting from that “stream” above my head. Hope that gives you some insight.

    1. Thank you Cindy. I like your visualisations. I will add this to my meditation and see what I experience. Thank you so much for sharing your method. I very much appreciate you being so detailed. In 15 years of listening to speakers or reading books I’ve heard or read perhaps a total of four people share their process. Mostly I just hear or read, “I go into meditation…and then blah, blah, blah.” Very few talk about their meditative process. So thank you.

  3. Bruce, the term ‘raising your vibration’ does connote turning into a jiggly mess. It’s a very personal experience. Whatever pulls your awareness closer to other dimensions will do it — and your practice of gratitude is wonderful.

    1. Thank you. I interny felt i was on the right track here and was getting improved results. I just felt like i was kind of out there winging it hoping what i have been doing is at least close to general idea.

  4. I always have trouble understanding this Raising Our Vibrations bit. It sounds like we are to become overly cafinated jigglers, shakers, and runners and runners and jumpershyped up on double espressos. For me the way it only makes sense to me is to tbink quiet happy thoughts, sand love and gratitude to the almighty a.d mother earth and then by thinki.g of and thanking all my relatives and ancestors who have come before me and gave so much all of which allowed me to be here at all. I thank my old car, my house, i thank the best beauty around me and the friends and family who i have either recently been with or thiught about, and i say thanks for those who i have been a little hard on me lately and wish them well and by the time i have gone through counting my blessings and thanked our great Mother/father god for them and asked our king the great mother/father to bless them

    1. That is what i find raises my internal vibration. I hope this is at least close to what is meant by raising your vibration because while i hear the term raise your vibration no one ever seems to go into a lot of explaining just what this means in practical terms.

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